current cravings:

  • to leave work before the cleaning lady comes to empty my trash, for once. speak of the devil, she just came by. "hi...gracias...bye, buenos noches!" [i know you all like my spanglish.]
  • happy hour somewhere with swanky, loungey music. just a glass and a well-priced app as dinner. oh wait, most happy hours will be over by the time i get out of here.
  • garlic fries as that appetizer would be great.
  • good conversation with a girlfriend that lives nearby. oh wait, we're all spread out, so weeknights are virtually impossible.
  • to fall into bed right after the above.

instead, i will:
  • pack up stuff to work on at home.
  • pick up a not-so-fun book on the way home.
  • look longingly at the bag of TJ's garlic fries in our freezer. you kinda sorta have to cook 'em all at once, and a whole bag is too much for little ol' me.
  • thai takeout for dinner.
  • tired conversation with the hubs.
  • work some more.
  • fall into bed later than my body would like.
good conversation over good food with the DORCs last night was good and refreshing.

i really don't mind doing grunt work. doing it alone on a thursday evening is no fun, though. co-worker is usually around for company. once upon a time, boss would help so it'd go faster.

[random, cutest ice cream/takeout bag ever. ironically, my [hot] soup was in it.]

tomorrow is name change day. wish me luck and short lines!


  1. I speak Spanish to our office cleaning lady, too! She thinks it's funny. :)

    Name change! Wow!

  2. that is definitely a great baggie to tote your lunch in.

    good luck in your name change. [crossing my fingers]

  3. yay for name change! hope it wasn't too much of a headache :)

  4. yay for name change day! i was so happy to do mine that i wasn't bugged by any of the lines i had to wait in. and, i'm a nerd.

  5. You are a better wife than I. ;) No name changing here. :) I like your lunch bag tater. And I want the ice cream that comes inside it.


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