I am sure you are all sick of hearing about the chair. If you vote, I may finally order the dang thing and shut up. ;)
option 1
mesh back - orange
seat - rusty red with orange and purple circles

option 2
mesh back - [a] yellow or [b] beige
seat - brown with yellow and beige circles.
I know it looks black here, but it's a really nice brown.

option 3
mesh back - dark steel blue (more steel than blue)
seat - navy with steel blue and gold circles.
I know, it looks like another kind of black, but it's a very good navy with a nice amount of blue in it.

option 4
mesh back - blue-grey
seat - black & brown with various shades of blue-grey dots.option 5
mesh back - [a] yellow or [b] beige
seat - soft blue-grey with darker blue and pale yellow dots

option 6
mesh back - [a] black or [b] warm grey
seat - warm grey with black and silvery white dotsYou should be sensing a common thread by now, but I'm about to shatter your expectations.

option 7
mesh back - [a] warm grey or [b] cool grey
seat - reversible fabric, so either
[i] darker background or [ii] lighter background
option 8
mesh back - cool grey
seat - cool grey and almost-white geometric pattern

[All mesh colors are from Haworth, manufacturer of the Zody. All fabrics are either Maharam or Luna Textiles.]

Could I make this any more complicated? Sorry, the brain is m[u]shed potato right now. It's full of too many big words.* Please vote and help me decide. The bear will be very grateful. Then it will be chair shower time!

Oh! Then I have to pick my metal finish. Any plastic parts (arm rests, casters) will be a medium grey. The metal will be some form of silver (polished chrome, matte aluminum, matte champagne), but that will be pretty easy to decide once the fabrics are decided.

* Any suggestions for memorizing vocabulary in the car? I'm already a hazard as it is, so reading flashcards while driving is probably not a good idea. I am tempted to burn myself a CD of myself reading words + definitions, but I'd much rather not hear my own voice for the 2-4 hours I spend in the car everyday.


  1. My faves are #4 and #5, in that order.

    Why do you want to build your vocab? And in the car, no less?!

  2. Wait. Not #5! I meant to say #2. I like the brown!

    Ok. To be clear -- Monkey likes #4 and #2!

  3. # 4 is my fave. I also like #2(b)!

  4. I love the red - #1!! I also like #2 though...

  5. dude, I vote 1 or 2....circles, dots, thats me. :)

  6. too many choices! honestly, i like all of them except for the non-dot ones at the end. sorry that basically means i'm no help :(

  7. i hope it's not too late to vote.

    I like #2 the most. It's a unique fabric design and the color combo will work great w/ other colors when you decide to remodel the office.

  8. I like #2, #4, and #6 :)

  9. option # 4 (my fave)

    or #8 is ok too.



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