weekend recap...a few days late

halfway through the week.
halfway to another weekend.
hoping reminiscing about [my low-key, rather boring to some but relaxing to me] last weekend will make the next come faster.

  • stayed in with a great bottle of wine, thank you cards, and the cuddly bear.
  • worked on a side project of sorts that will be taking up all my spare time for the next month.
  • worked on side project again.
  • got a library card. checked something out for the first time in years.
  • had a lunch of soba + oyako-don combo at mitsuwa. iced green tea matcha topped it off. i resisted "grocery shopping" as i knew i'd just come out with tons of pocky & co.
  • went to fry's. not my favorite place, but i perused hair magazines while bear + friend looked at all the boy stuff. i'm itching for a post-wedding chop. i'm tempted to go pixie but doubt i can pull it off. suggestions?
  • enjoyed a smoothie from juice it up. jamba juice and robek's kicks juice it up's butt.
  • went to church with the in-laws at the bear's childhood church.
  • ate a yummy thai food lunch there.
  • picked up our marriage license from the in-laws'. it's official! now to change my name [grumble, grumble].
  • stocked up at bevmo's 5 cent sale. yay for cheap wine!


  1. Name changing is fun.

    On Opposite Day.

    Thanks for the tip on the 5-cent sale? I wonder if it's still going on. . .

  2. Funny, I picked up cheapie wine, too! Yay for being sheisty (sp?)!!

    p.s. I think you can pull of pixie since you're so petite.

  3. Maybe I should take advantage of the 5 cent sale and get into drinking wine. And I'm no help for the hair cut...I need a new 'do pretty bad but have no idea what I can pull off.

  4. juice it up was on sunday =P

  5. i NEVER leave mitsuwa or any other asian grocery store without a cart full of pocky & co. heh.


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