Yipper Gimlet (?)

The hubs invented a new drink for us last night using random bits and pieces of stuff left from our wedding bar. It's somewhat like a gimlet but uses slightly different ingredients. He likes to use measurements such as "a splash," "fill the rest of the glass with ____," and such. Here's the approximate recipe, as told by the bear after polishing one off last night.

A few ounces of vodka
An ounce or so of Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice
A little more than an ounce of sweet + sour mix
A good dose of tonic

Combine all ingredients in a glass, plop in some ice, and stir. Yes, we're rather unceremonious with our mixing.

Time to polish this baby off and get ready for *sigh* work tomorrow.


  1. hey, at least you managed to remember what went in it! every time i come up with some concoction, i'm never able to duplicate it because i forget what i put in. heh.

  2. ok you did it all wrong...i started with the ice first. about half a glass. then i do half vodka. a little bit of the lime juice (i guess you can say a splash). maybe an ounce of sweet and sour mix. and fill it to the top with club soda. i did tonic the first day and it didn't taste as good. and we ran out of it because of the vodka tonics i made.


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