Happy Monthaversary to Us!

First, a disclaimer. We are usually the type to scoff at those that celebrate montha- versaries. However, this time, we had a good reason. Trust us.

We headed down to La Jolla today hoping it'd be a bit cooler. No such luck. Here's the view from our "window table" [meaning, a table next to the glass rail but still outside like all the other tables for lunch] at George's at the Cove. Rather than being swanky as the website would suggest, George's for lunch is actually rather sweaty on heatwave days. The view is quite awesome, though. As you can see, many swimmers were cooling off in the cove. Our waiter said it's the biggest crowd he's ever seen out. Our sweaty, quickly melting drinks reminded us of our super sweaty honeymoon.*

Luckily, the food was rather good. His spiked strawberry lemonade was refreshing, with a nice kick at the end [Smirnoff in this case, blech, but the strawberry and lemonade made it all good]. My "The Tropic" was rather tropical and delicious, too. It, too, reminded me of our super sweaty honeymoon. We started with the Mexican style shrimp cocktail. You can see what we thought of it below. In essence, it was similar to a ceviche, but in diluted cocktail sauce. OK, that doesn't sound so great, but it was much better than my lackluster description. The bear had a grilled white seabass sandwich. I had the seared rare ahi on a chilled soba noodle salad. Both were delish.

Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail, Before + After

After inhaling our lunch so we could get out of the heat, we wandered into a few stores to take advantage of the A/C. We stayed in Tommy Bahama's for too long, sticking out like two sore thumbs. I realized they had free munchies from a steel drum event earlier in the day. I saw flies swirling about and the cheese plate quite sweaty and melty, but I nevertheless mindlessly took a piece of carrot cake and inhaled it. Karma's a bitch. That's what I get for unknowingly feeding my wedding guests cake on which flies had already been feasting.

We then killed about three hours at UTC. I finally used my Banana Republic gift card on a polo for him and a cardigan for me. I got new Rainbow flip flops on sale. Yes, you heard right. They were actually on sale. We rested in the coolest part of the mall - the ice rink, which is strangely in the middle of the food court.

Then it was time to change in our super sweaty car for an at-home reception for my college friend L. More on that to come!

*Potato rarely sweats, so it's amazing that she's been super sweaty for days on end twice, within a few weeks. It's OK, though as the good times make Potato associate the super sweat with happiness.


  1. ah, i love la jolla! we were there in may and had dinner at george's too :)

  2. Gorgeous view! Happy Monthaversary!

  3. they're lucky i didn't bring my skates...everyone would've been jealous of my balla skatez.

  4. I'm glad you liked George's. Will definitely try that the next time I'm in La Jolla. Booo to the heat. La Jolla is usually really nice and breezy.

  5. UTC is like my home away from home. :)

    happy monthiversary!


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