• Indecisive about capitalization when online. see?
  • craving mac 'n' cheese. even the stuff in the blue box will do.
  • dead tired. wish i was snuggled in bed with the bear instead.
  • in love.
  • paralyzed by fear of failure, mediocrity, success, and the steps to get to any of the above all at the same time. does anyone know what i'm talking about? no? me neither.
  • addicted to reading blogs, but not so addicted to posting on a blog on which i should.
  • forgetting the most important thing i wanted to put on this list.


  1. awww, the 4th bullet point is so cute :)

    we always have a box of easy mac on hand, dude. ALWAYS.

    and you know how i am about capitalization. i know how, but i'm just too lazy.

  2. Cute, honest post today :) I also have a hard time with capitalization...being a teacher, I feel I should capitalize, but I often time the "look" of lower case...

  3. I decided to do body text and headlines with proper capitalization and no caps for everything else.


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