Perky Tulips

I don't ever entertain, and the wedding is over. However, this tablescape in a back issue caught my eye earlier this week at work. I think it'd be fab at an event with long tables.

I could do without the crystal chandeliers, but the undoubtedly wired tulips in the tall, clear vases are so simple and chic. We all know how much I love order, so I love how they're in a nice, strict line. I'm usually not a fan of tallish centerpieces, but I think it'd be fun to peek through the stems.

[WeezerMonkey in a tree.]

I wouldn't mind that great trestle table they're sitting on, either. Such clean lines and not rustic. Oh, and having an al fresco dining space that is fully covered and can hold this many people would motivate me to entertain. Well, one can dream.


  1. That's such a creative idea. I love looking at magazines and get totally inspired to throw dinner parties but nowhere to do it at.

  2. Besides dahlias (of course) tulips are my favorite flower! Oh, and I love monkeys in trees too! ;)

  3. i love tulips. what a pretty spread!

    [giggling at monkey in tree] reminds me of monkey in a cage.

  4. that is really pretty. i really like the all white with just the bits of green and wood to offset it.


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