Potato + Kitchen =

Dangerous Combo.

I'm trying to be a little more domesticated. No, not just because I got married, but we're trying to eat healthier and save money by eating out less. Not sure if that'll happen, given our grocery bill this weekend.

Last night, the bear made meatloaf. We'll have to adjust the recipe a bit to our palates, but it came out rather well. I made the well-seasoned, flavorful, undercooked, chunky (as in chunks as crunchy as chunky peanut butter) red mashed potatoes.

After attempting mashed potatoes, I tried this turkey chili recipe in our squeaky new crockpot. I put it on for 11 hours. I woke up to burned turkey chili. Yes, the first crock pot recipe I ever tried burned. I figured out what the problems are, besides the cook, so next time not only will it be well-seasoned and flavorful, it will also be moist, chili consistency without blackened kidney beans.

No pictures. Too sad.


  1. Oh, boo. I'm sorry. :(

    I bet my first crock pot foray would yield similar results.

  2. Awwww sowwee to hear. But that's the great thing about cooking. You learn as you go along.

    I would still eat whatever you're making.

  3. I have to be careful with my crockpot because it's a family-sized one and most recipes are designed for smaller versions. More surface space = more chance for burning. Maybe that's what happened?

  4. the more you cook, the more you learn. my mom tried to beat this into me and i never listened. but guess what, yup, the woman was right. usually by the 4th or 5th time i've made a recipe i have it perfect --- or at least perfect for our taste buds :)

  5. I feel like I steered you wrong! Was it not on low?


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