L + J's At Home Reception

After our sweaty, monthaversary celebration, we headed down the street to L+J's wedding reception. They got married last month in Korea in what looked like a beautiful ceremony. The crowd was small + intimate, the bride + groom beaming, the weather sweaty, and the view was beautiful.

As you'll notice, my photography skills are, well, not really skills. I have some bad photoshopping in this entry to go along with the quality of the photos. Any decent photos you see on this blog are probably the work of the bear.

Menu, napkin fold I'm partial toward, and our placecards/favors - a handwritten note from the bride + groom in a bottle, baaay-baaay.

First dance, horribly backlit. It was the best of 10, though, if you can believe it.

The bear's salad plate upon completion.

My salad plate upon completion. Hey, I was hungry. Plus it was doused in champaigne [sic] vinaigrette.

I forgot to take a photo of my plate before they took it away. I tend to be a fast eater. I had salmon with sea beans on a bed of what seemed like bearnaise sauce. The salmon wasn't overcooked or dry, as it usually is in these situations, and the sea beans were different and fun. The bear had a flat iron steak, again with bearnaise sauce, but also topped with deep fried okra. Overall, pretty yummy.

Dessert. Chocolate. Yum.

I lurve slideshows.

Some of my college ladies, plus a well-behaved baby. We are sweaty and shiny, ew. Except the bride, of course, who's glowing. ;)

[singing] After party in the hotel lobby! A party that consisted of me, myself, and I resting my feet while waiting for the bear.

Congrats, L + J! Welcome to married life and SoCal!


  1. Great recap. Love the pics of the empty plates. I'll just use my imagination. mmmmm...

    I see a Mrs. Dapotato on the placecard. heehee =)

  2. mmm, the food sounds delish! looks like quite a fun wedding :)

  3. It was great seeing you, Danielle!!

  4. What the dilly, yo? I think my reader stopped giving me feeds or something. :P

  5. sounds like it was fun. oh how i puffy heart weddings....


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