Bear's Birthday Treats

First, thank you for all who are trying to help me decide on the chair. I'll post a tally and let you know what I decide.

Now to rewind a few days to the bear's birthday. We were both tired from long days at work, so he opted for good takeout at home rather than going out. He requested Italian, so I dropped by my favorite Italian lunch spot on the way home from the office. They also serve dinner, have takeout, and have fresh pastas + sauces + toppings available for takeout/cooking at home. Ironically, I have yet to try their fritto misto.

I also dropped by Vanilla Bake Shop. Again.

Serious cake envy. If only Vanilla Bake Shop had come about earlier and my wedding cake budget were bigger...

This time, I tried their mini shot glass ice box treats.
[Nestled in cups for transport. They transport much better than the top-heavy mini cupcakes, that's for sure.]

[See? Pretty unharmed. That's dirt cake, berry shortcake, tiramisu, and meyer lemon raspberry, from left to right.]

So good. The bear thoroughly enjoyed them as well, and he's not really a sweets person. Our favorites were the dirt cake [deep, rich flavor but not rib-sticking] and meyer lemon raspberry [perfect balance of tart, sweet and creamy]. I really love their frothy vanilla bean frosting, whether on these or cupcakes.

The aftermath.

Les macarons
, again.
There were four. I came home ravenous the next day after my 2+ hour commute home [whine whine gripe gripe], so I forgot to take a photo before I was more than halfway through.

Tomorrow will be birthday surprise day, although it's no longer a surprise. I'm horrible at keeping secrets, especially because he's such a good guesser. Boo!


  1. it's not even 8:30am and now you've got me wanting cake...

    boo - you whore!


  2. That polka dot cake in the window is too cute! I will have to check this place out...

  3. Mmmm...that meyer lemon bit looks especially yummy...

  4. OMG. those cakes are killing me. so. so. yummy.

  5. Those cakes are gorgeous!!!

  6. oh man! i SO want to try vanilla bake shop. i wish i didn't live so dang far away from SM.


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