Another Weekend

I've got all this nervous energy for some reason. So much that I actually want to go workout. Yes, I can't believe I just said that either. It's a bit too late to go to the gym, though. It's a school (er, work) night after all. Sigh.

Do you ever just hear/watch yourself say something and wonder WTF you are saying and why you are saying it out loud as it comes out? Not even regretting something after, but regretting it as it comes out, but it's too late to stop it. Your mouth is already on autopilot, out of your brain's control. Yeah, I've had a few too many of those moments lately. It's said and done. Must stop kicking myself.

Anyway, here's the weekend, in bullets.
  • I sort of witnessed an accident and was thisclose to being part of it. I didn't really see it happen, though. I just saw the guy fly off his motorcycle and the red car run. Despite pulling over, the cop told me to just go since I hadn't really seen what happened.
  • Free In-N-Out at our new office building for lunch. Whee!
  • We were both pooped from long weeks and long Fridays, so we stayed in.
  • Slept in. The newish commute is wreaking havoc on my sleeping habits. I can actually sleep in again.
  • Miscellaneous errands in the morning that felt really good to get done.
  • Got lunch from Panini's and brought it home. I think we even ran into Mr. Z himself. Too bad our usual perky cashier lady wasn't around.
  • Time for the birthday surprise! We went to Pacific Waters Spa at the HB Hyatt for Spa Week treatments. A massage for him, a stone crop facial for me. Both at about 30% of their regular price. My skin is soft and glowy. He's sore from his massage. Mission accomplished.
  • Last minute invite to friend's new niece's sort of birthday thing accepted. Target run to get a gift on the way. 10 course Chinese banquet dinner consumed.
  • Drinks afterward across the street from the baby party.
  • Karaoke after the drinks, into the wee hours of the morning. I guess I'm not a complete old hag yet! Despite the crappy English song selection, we found some Britney, Eagles, a Mandarin song here or there, a Thai song, and quite a few "Love Songs on the KOST" to butcher.
  • Slept in again.
  • Ate the best.guac.ever. We got it from our super secret carniceria somewhere in Orange County.
  • Ate the bear's spaghetti, with sauce made from scratch. It was pretty dang good. I vote for him to cook from now on.
  • Met with some friends for a farewell dinner in Pasadena.
I am totally not looking forward to this week, but here it comes, too quickly.


  1. I LOVE that Panini place! I bet we don't live far from one another in the LBC...

  2. a weekend that incorporates a target run and a spa treatment is a winner in my eyes.

  3. Yay for fun-filled weekend! Glad to hear that you two enjoyed your spa treatments :)


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