Baby, It's Cold Outside

It is indeed a lot colder than it had been, but it doesn't smell like fall yet. I know we don't have a true fall out here, but there's a time where the air gets suddenly chilly and crisp at dusk, and it smells like fall.

The photo? That was the view I saw walking from my dorm to the main part of campus every day during my first year of college. Fall always makes me nostalgic and wistful. There's a phrase for "fall moodiness" in Korean, but it doesn't translate exactly. The past few years, the start of fall makes me nostalgic for when I lived where there is a fall, my favorite season.

Alrighty, I'm off to supervise our office move. Who knew I would also be filling the roles of webmaster (just finished updating our website with our new address + phone numbers), facilities manager, and office manager. Not me. Ah, the joys of working for a teeny-tiny firm.

Oh, and please vote below. Please. Thanks. :)

[photo credit: Matt Hinsta, photographer for the Cornell Daily Sun.*]

*Ironic because the sun rarely shows itself in Ithaca, and much less often than daily.


  1. what a pretty picture!

    dude, you know what sucks? they're forecasting temps back in the mid-80's again for next week. boo. i'm digging the cooler weather.

  2. But it never really smells like fall here!

  3. see, i think it smells like fall just after a rain. maybe that is because i've never lived outside of CA, but for me, that after rain smell is fall/winter --- basically one and the same here :)


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