such great heights

don't even get me started about our office move. let's just say that the past few days have been quite stressful with both our IT guy on his honeymoon and my co-worker on her italian vacation. no, they weren't *that* inconsiderate. our old landlord forgot to tell us our old office would be undergoing demo[lition] starting, oh, 2 days after he told us, so we would have to move 2 weeks earlier than expected. however, i can't complain too much as we now have window walls and a killer view.

here are some snippets of what i now see from my desk, which is now quite a few stories up.

i also see lots of pigeons, seagulls, and ducks in or near the water. blech to the birds.

unfortunately, the move affected the other view i have all day adversely.

yeah, my friend's new laptop and banner should be pink. luckily, i figured out that just a cable is defunct, not the whole thing.


  1. it doesn't look nearly as cute in that color. :|

    yay for a window view --- hopefully it sort of makes up for having to move at such short notice.

  2. i am cracking up at the photo of A's blog.

    and, you have my sympathy in regards to the moving thing. you know this, man.

  3. Dude, not pink at all.

    And now I must listen to The Postal Service. Again. And again.

  4. The office view rocks, the computer view not so much. Glad it was just a cable though. All fixed now, right?


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