raining babies

it's literally raining babies for a lot of my friends.

so i am helping plan not one, but two baby showers over the next couple of months. this partyzilla rejoices! even if the occasion for celebration is...children.

luckily, all of my friends' children are turning out to be cute, smart, little human beings. don't worry, the bear and i still aren't tempted to produce any cubs or tater tots any time soon. although i am a bit curious to see what happens when a potato and a bear mate. it'll probably be chubby or at least round.

anyway, weemo is very graciously hosting this first shower of 2012 at her country club, so there isn't much for the partyzillas to do. venue's covered. delicious food is covered. and duh, awesome company is definitely covered.

so i put the partyzilla to graphic design use. see?

this family has an awesome name that lent itself well to the literal shower theme.
i matched the colors to what appear to be the nursery colors from the mom-to-be's registry. limey green (but i went more chartreuse), blue, grey.
i drew all the artwork in adobe illustrator. i drew some really phallic and scatological stuff on accident in the process. those drawings did not make it onto the invite.

paper source of course came through so that i didn't have to cut a bajillion (ok, fine, 12) address labels into cloud shapes by hand. also, i can't stand martha stewart, but her new avery products at staples are pretty dang cute. this organizilla fell hard. plus, hello! these file labels are perfectly raindrop shaped.

i then ordered some stamps that match the theme. wind! whoo! the colors even kinda coordinate!
too bad the USPS is a lying liar who lies.
the stamps did not arrive in 2-5 days as promised. they arrived in 7 days.
so i had to send out the invites with some ugly butterfly stamps instead.
and now i have a bunch of stamps that say "kansas forever." boo.

and yes, i care about stupid stamps way too much.

i really need a full-time job.

well, whatever. the invites got to ride next to my new pretty, so they were pretty happy.

butterfly in the skyyyyyy
i can go twice as hiiiiiigh
take a look
it's in a book
reading rainbow


  1. Those are awesome! Who's shower is this for?

    Well done friend. :-)

  2. lol at your Kansas Forever stamps. lol.

    1. i need some california forever ones. they'll probably be ugly, though.

  3. Oh, those are AWESOME invites. So modern and fresh.

    1. thank you! so glad to hear from you, and glad your'e still out there in blogland!

  4. The invitation is so pretty! It's posted on my fridge right now.

  5. KANSAS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, until you use them all.


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