the best time zone

so there's this thing called pacific standard time going on. it's pretty dang amazing how the getty and arts institutions all over southern california have planned all these exhibits in conjunction to create basically a concurrent series of exhibits focusing on california art and design. the exhibits are all over and at different times. there are special weekends that focus on exhibits in a certain area, and they will even shuttle you between places within that area. i haven't been to as many as i want, but i really should step up my museum game while i have the time and a semi-legit student ID.

i really wanted to see two exhibits in particular that focus on the eameses. if you don't know anything about charles and ray eames, you should. an awesome, designing duo that worked across disciplines.

so i called up my museum buddies. thank God for museum buddies. i can go with school friends always, which is always a good time. but my museum buddies are always down to drink and eat good food during a museum trip, too, and have fresh, non-architecty insights. winnie provides photos to document the fun. elena reps the east coast well (even if she's orginally from the west). insom provides witty, intellectual, and unexpected commentary. weemo was out of town for this one. we missed her.

we parked at/near lacma.

while waiting, i had a lovely drink at stark bar.
with my friend, the empty jacobsen egg chair.
such good people watching from my perch.

then we walked over the a+d museum, which is just across the street (and has exhibited my work before...w00t!), for eames designs: the guest-host relationship.

looked at some tumbleweed.

test drove some eames chairs.

left our mark.

'twas an intimate exhibit with insight into the eameses' attitude toward design in an intimate space.

then we walked back across the street to lacma for california design 1930-1965: living in a modern way. if you didn't know already, california was a major hotbed for modern design. lots of avant garde european designers and architects fled europe during world war II, and ended up here. oh, and this exhibit was designed by one of my old studio prof's offices. yay!

um, i suck. i didn't take any photos. but the best part is how they've recreated the entire eames house living room, at full scale, within the exhibit. there were also design artifacts from barbies to a studebaker car to movie title sequences to furniture to fashion to textiles to graphics to...pretty much any object that can be designed.

we concluded the evening with some delicious flatbread and charcuterie at stark bar.
heat lamps.
swanky furniture.

my descriptions suck, and i barely took any photos, so go yourself to these exhibits and then some! learn about how rich california's art and design history is! i'll even be your museum buddy and personal docent for these two exhibits i've actually seen.

even ice cube approves. you can do it put your back into it!

oh, how do you get there, you ask?

"each freeway has its own personality. the 405: bougie traffic. the 110: that's gangsta traffic right there. there's a difference. you gotta know where you at."

omg! almost forgot this gem that insom introduced me to that day:


  1. I loved this museum trip! It was like having my personal tour guide.

  2. So sad to have missed this!

    I love pug in Eames.

  3. Hey that little pug is my desktop...I am a secret Eames fan* and didn't even know it!

    *Confession: I'm not...I have the picture for the pug...his tiny little belly is so cute, plus he is all kicked back and chilling. It's adorbs. But the chair is cool too.

    1. the best part of that photo is the pug and how he fits in the chair!

  4. I love that pug. lol He's like all belly.

  5. This sounds like a perfect day to me; I would totally be one of your museum friends if I lived in California. Also, I love Ice Cube. I laughed so hard when I saw this video awhile back...esp. at the highway traffic definitions.


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