when it's over

it's not really over. still must finish [way] overdue assignment. then portfolio. then job search. then purge all this crap i brought home from studio and all this crap i've been accumulating and my overzealous files filled with crap i don't need to keep (especially since i have PDFs of a lot of it, too). can summer start already?

but i can sit at home and in my PJs all day while doing all of the above. for now. which is awesome.

random, current thoughts:
  • i am exhuasted. still. i've been sleeping pretty well and a lot for the past week. dr. maas was right in psych 101. you can never make up for sleep debt.
  • bear loves me. i love the bear.
  • tonight, i had yogurtland. and newcastle. happy potato.
  • i really want a puppy. but i really don't. because we'd be violating the lease of this cute (if musty) bungalow. because i'd be a horrible dog mom. because, quite frankly, i don't want the responsibility of caring for another living thing right now. i can barely care for myself. luckily, the bear is a self-sufficient adult.
  • we have two weddings this summer! yay! it's been a local wedding drought up in the potatobear household for awhile. i love weddings. still.
  • i still feel shitty about myself and don't love me that much. this past school year has taken a big toll on my self-image and confidence. just when i was finally starting to "peer inside yourself/you take the things you like/and try to love the things you don't" (thanks, regina) starting from my mid-twenties.
  • by the way...how did late twenties and thirty-really-soon creep up on me so fast? probably while i was so obsessed with schoolwork i wasn't looking.
  • but the bear loves me. my friends love me. even if i'm not on super fantabulous terms with my family right now, they love me. and i love them all. and will be able to love them all better soon...once i can love me again.
  • i miss blogging.
  • i miss really cooking/baking.
  • i need to exercise this summer. like really this time, not just the last 2-3 weeks of it.
  • i was gonna blog my toronto field trip. but i only have photos of buildings. and food. not many of people. oops.
  • i want to travel to far away places. badly. but can't.
  • forgot how nice low-key days just sitting at home with the bear can be. even if it makes us old farts.
  • tired. bedtime.


  1. I hope you get to loving yourself more soon.

    We love you. :)

  2. Good to see you again.

    And what Weemo said. Take care of yourself.

  3. What the others said. In the meantime the rest of us will try to make up for the love deficit. :)

  4. {{hugs}}
    Hang in there for that final push. Love you lots.

  5. love you lots.

    you should, too. there's lots of reasons to love you.

  6. I love you AND your squito bites!


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