some of my studiomates have started calling me by my college studio nickname. it's in the vein of j.lo and involves my maiden name. and sounds dirty but isn't. *swoon*

some have also started calling me tater and other versions of potato. yay.

i wish i could be as uncompromising as this year's pritzker prize (the nobel prize equivalent in architecture) laureate peter zumthor. go phenomenologists! i've admired his work and philosophy for a long time now. similarly, i admire glenn murcutt, another pritzker prize winner. they both are very selective about which commissions they take on. mr. murcutt only takes on one at a time so he can devote himself fully to it. they are both uber sensitive to a project's specific context, program, and demands. both handle materials beautifully and in a masterly way. both create spaces that transport you.

i don't even want a pritzker prize. i know i don't have the natural talent required. nor the uncompromising commitment to a certain way and philosophy of practice. i'm just afraid i'm too much of a pragmatist, too much of a functionalist, too much of a rationalist, too much of an american, to ever practice at the honest level they do and like they do and produce spaces like theirs.

i need to draw for fun again this summer. and get back into sketching.

back to reading. see you all after the reading is done and the studio cleaned out.


  1. tater > [j. lo sound-alike]

    The word verification for this comment is "ducks."


  2. Tater is way cuter. Don't stay too late at school!

  3. I agree. "Tater" wins!

  4. I love tater, but I kinda think the j.lo sound-alike is fun(ny). ;)

  5. LMFAO at the j.lo-esque nickname!


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