these are a few of their favorite things

dun NUH NUH dun NUH NUH!
raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

now that i have julie andrews stuck in your head, here's the list.

oh, and "they" are people at my school. some of these items are so stereotypical it's not even funny. oh wait, but i'm overgeneralizing in general by making this list. ha!
  • black clothing
  • tight pants
  • cool tennis shoes/sneakers
  • dogs
  • cigarettes
  • volkswagen GTIs
  • beer
  • cutting themselves [on accident]
  • taco truck tacos
  • olfa knives (x-acto brand was favored in my undergrad program)
  • uniforms, especially the instructors (wearing the same thing every day makes life easier when you're not sleeping much)
  • low carb energy drinks
  • coffee
  • wait, caffeine in general
  • gas station sunglasses
  • statement eyeglass frames
  • boys (and some girls) wearing their pants waaaaay too low. gah-ross.
  • skateboards
  • scooters. even grown men. yes, like the razr kind.
    added 4/6/09:
  • korean aloe drinks
    added 4/21/09:
  • floofy scarves. especially on boys. you know, the cottony, not-so-much-for-cold weather ones. even when it's like 100 degees out.
ok, "back" to work (not that i ever started on the school stuff today. thanks a lot, mr. fruitless job seach). this list will be updated as i continue to observe.


  1. Black clothing + dogs + cigarettes + cutting = DIAME

  2. I love the monkey. BTW I didn't know people still like / use scooters.

  3. [dead at monkey]

    hey, at least THEIR cutting is accidental.

  4. Hey! I quit smoking 4/11/09 TYVM! Cool list, btw. Sounds like I could be friends with some of them.


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