you know you live in the ghetto when...

...your husband goes out to the recycling bin to throw something out and finds the magazines you put in there a few days ago on top of the bin rather than in it. why? because your neighbors are dumpster diving for recyclables and didn't have the courtesy to put your paper stuff back in.

i guess it's better than them dumpster diving for my identity.

on a more positive note, tahoe and okonomiyaki recaps to come soon!


  1. ha ha ha! I once found candles and other items I threw away in the dumpster on the downstairs neighbor's patio as I walked by. Talk about ghetto. ;)

  2. what?!?! that is cah-ray-zee!

  3. I actually watch the dumpster divers as I leave for work. They have no shame- they wave and keep on digging.

    The video was awesome btw.

  4. At our old place, hubs threw a hat away and then we saw one of our neighbors wearing it a few days later

  5. Are you sure they were looking for recyclables? Maybe they wanted to read your magazines before you got rid of them.


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