christmas blahs

negative nellie time. this christmas was sort of...blah. i'm not quite sure why. i think it's just a combination of factors.

first of all, we didn't go to any church service, period, as we were traveling all christmas eve and in tahoe on christmas day. as much as i whined about having to be at church while everyone else was partying while growing up, i missed it this year.

i usually get really excited about giving gifts, finding really good gifts for those on my list, shopping for them (online, of course), and wrapping them nicely. this year, even though school let out a couple weeks before, i didn't have as much time and energy to think and get excited ahead. i gave too many gift cards and standardized packages of treats that i mass-produced this year.

the bear and i just got home to the gifts we received last night. we opened them this morning, but it was a bit anticlimactic opening them four days later. yes, this whiner is very grateful for what i received, no doubt. it just wasn't as fun not opening them on christmas. picky picky.

the bear's uncle's annual party was weeks before christmas rather than on christmas eve, and no other "kids" showed up this year. we kind of ate and ran as a result. much less festive for us.

lastly, my family usually goes to lake tahoe either right before or after christmas so that we are home on christmas. this year, my mom could only get a reservation during. plus i was extra impatient, irritable, and easily annoyed by my family the whole trip. my mom's changed a bit since her current romance began, and apparently my subconscious was acting out and letting me (and everyone) know i'm not quite as comfy with it as i thought i was. i must admit i was quite the biatch and knew it, but no matter how hard i tried, i kept snapping at everyone before i could stop myself. boo to me.

i promise my next entry recapping the tahoe trip won't be as whiny. the bear took some awesome photos of the amazing scenery, tons of snow, and me shredding decently (finally! after like 5 seasons). in the meantime, please enjoy this scenic photo starring this asian woman and her, er, innovative snow footwear.

now to think of a better way to ring in the new year...


  1. Awwww Tater. I was a total bitch throughout x'mas this year too. I love, love, love the photo. This alone made my (sit-at-home-all-day-long-to-play-video-games) day.

  2. Awww, I don't think you sound whiny at all. I don't know what it is about this year, but it seem so many people had holiday blahs.

  3. ah, dude. i'm sorry it wasn't the most fabulous christmas that ever was :/

    but i agree, i think there were lots of folks who weren't exactly full of christmas cheer this year. sad.

  4. Think of your Christmas this way:

    I went to Tahoe Galbi.
    You went to Tahoe.


  5. Our Christmas was a total bust this year too - on the way home from the inlaws, the hubs turned to me and said how much he appreciates the effort I made to make Christmas fun because I was the only one who did, if it wasn't for me, Christmas would have sucked.

  6. I'm sorry Christmas was blah. I hate when my inner bitch is showing and I can't shut her up even though I know I need to. Must suck worse when everyone is supposed to be cheery. :/

    Here's to hoping NYE brings more festiveness.

  7. my inner-bitch came out this year, too!

    here's to hoping she a swift kick in the ass in '09.

  8. No complaints here! Your whining was a pleasure to read, and I could relate.

  9. That last picture is exactly why I love asians so much. Life would be so boring otherwise.

  10. this wasn't our best christmas either. don't beat yourself up too much, sometimes we all need to get out what we're feeling, even if it isn't the best timing. {{hugs}}


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