Q4 miscellany

first, i must say the problem with having an iphone is that you read emails, think you'll respond later since the keyboard is annoying to type on, forget to mark them as unread, and then completely forget to respond altogether. oops and sorry. i'll catch up and respond. someday.

onto a random photo journey of my past three months.

potato+bear always have weddings to attend. this quarter, they [brides+grooms at large, i'm not talking in third person anymore] liked the personalized m+m favors.
poor, deformed m+m. i gobbled it up anyway. or did the bear?

we love the photobooths.
the lovely bridesmaids' hair + makeup
courtesy of the talented, sweet sherry mcanelly
and her team at on location beauty.
the bridesmaids are the ones in the strapless.

the glowing j+j.
ceremony at cute church in corona del mar.
reception at ocma .
(so jalousE [sic], and i don't mean the windows.)
old new love nest on an island in OC.

pretty prep at mani pedi cutie in hermosa.
overpriced? a bit.
totally cute? like totally.

my favorite! food!
how every bride should eat the day before she gets hitched.
hudson river foie gras & garlic shrimp club sandwich
with applewood smoked bacon on toasted brioche

you can get one, too. here.
too bad this irving gill-designed building's interior is so...
...not what mr. gill would have wanted.
ah well. at least it still stands in good condition.

found this in the bathroom of a certain restaurant.
next to an art center catalog.

in case you were looking for the best buns...

...you can find them here.
i found this rather incongruous.
and hilarious.
eh, maybe it's just me.

oh yeah, school. lots of it.

this is baby.
he was the baby of our bay/section.
we're not sure if he can drink. legally.
or vote, for that matter.
fine, he's just straight outta undergrad.

i did a lot of this this semester, too.
just not in the middle of a deserted review.

or at such an impossible angle.

vagules also make great hats,
thinking caps, etc.

olfa utility knives (and xactos, we like both brands)
make great cheese/salami knives
for impromptu picnics
that break out during the middle of a pin-up.
[vintage lego lunch box not included.]

learning to stop, step back, and enjoy the view even while mired in the journey.


hollywood. griffith observatory.
through olive trees at barnsdall park.
[go! open to the public!]
slowly learning to let go.
[and let the vagule catch me?]

and to end with something warm and fuzzy.

urth caffe's bread pudding breakfast, how i love you.
[pictured with apples.
also available with b-a-n-a-n-a-s!]

pretty malibu tile, cozy fireplace,
view of coffee bean roasting/choosing/tasting operation also included
[at the new downtown location].

oh wait, i need some engrish.

ok, Q4 accounted for!


  1. Fantastic. I feel as if I just shadowed you for weeks.

    Nice chic look.

    Me tired.


  2. A familiar face I spy! Will email you for 411. I feel all caught up on your life now. That's nice.

  3. urth caffe sounds perfect for a rainy day like today...

  4. Yeah thanks for the recap. Prickly heat powder? hm.

  5. I saw that at Daisy Mint the last time we were there. LOL

    love the medley of photos. i feel as if i was sitting next to you.

  6. Quite the busy little quarter!

  7. bread pudding BREAKFAST?? must. have. this.

    ask cee about my issue with reading emails on my phone. heh.

  8. Nice recap... Although that would be kind of cool if it really were a Hair Saloon and one could drink and be groomed simultaneously.

  9. Nice pics; thanks for the visual recap. :)

  10. Bread pudding from Urth is awwwwwesome!

  11. Did you just say bread pudding breakfast??

  12. What a fantastic and complete recap. Glad to have Q4 done! :)

  13. cool pictures.

    two thumbs up for the photo recap.


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