lil wayne just needs to stop. now. especially his comparisons of himself to 2pac and biggie. really?!?

i want to see the movie notorious.

yesterday, i had ne-yo's rogaine song stuck in my head. all. day. long. you know, the one that goes "she's got a rogaine; that's why i love her..." the bear kept "correcting" me last night. whatever, i know the lyrics.

speaking of hair, i got my unruly hair finally cut. to the bear's delight, i am growing my hair out again. unfortunately for him, i had to chop a bit off to get a good shape for growing it out properly. by the way, a big thank you to cee. i love jessica at salon eleven now. she was very clear when explaining her suggestions. she also let me know what she was doing. best of all, she gave really explicit, easy instructions for styling my hair. there's nothing like a good blowout to make you feel hot for a day. or two. and yay for the salon being a little more convenient during my daily routine. my last place i loved, but it was a bit of a trek and only justifiable on days we were going out to see the in-laws. oh, and salon eleven is very nice, too. hip but not pretentious, warm, friendly. OH, and while i was there, they played the yeah yeah yeahs, outkast, AND old school swv. awesomeness. so much better than, say, lil wayne.

i only got an iphone photo while wearing a bulky hoodie before i washed my hair. never mind that i look about 12. oh, and the ends are cute. too bad mr. hood is in the way.
this is the best i could do to get the back of my head.
total fail.

i worked most of yesterday at the old job. it reminded me how awesome it is to not be working full time. then i worked today at my school job. so slow. easy peasy. i did nothing for 3 hours and made a tiny bit of pocket change.


  1. you look adorable, as always.

    i'm not gonna lie though, i really loved your short 'do. it was so cute on you! but i know how convenient it is to be able to throw the mane up into a ponytail. i do kind of miss that.

  2. don't hate me, but i kinda love lil' wayne. I KNOW, right?? there is something simultaneously repulsive and intriguing about him. ;-) xoxo

  3. Even if you hate lil wayne, you can't really escape him~ he's on EVERY song! Your hair looks so so cute too.

  4. Can't wait to see it in person!

    The back of your head looks...square and monitor-like.

  5. love the new haircut. Jessica did a great job.

  6. Look at the happy tater! I think you've rocked all your recent hair styles. This one is no different.

    Hate Lil Wayne. He is no 2Pac or Biggie.

  7. Love the back of your hair :)

    I loved your short 'do too! Silly bear.

  8. I like this new haircut! I was totally planning on getting a haircut with Jessica during this trip . . . and then I got lazy. Sigh.

  9. i loved the short 'do, but i like this longer version, too. i like seeing pics of happy tater :)

    btw, the word verification is "antsing" hmmm, do ants sing?


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