packed day

i'm taking a break from writing a paper by...writing. heh. anyway, i felt all accomplished yesterday as i squeezed a ton into a day and wanted to list it all somewhere i could see. i need all the feelings of accomplishment i can get these days. architecture school makes you feel miniscule, dumb, and completely incompetent multiple times throughout the week (and yes, i realized i just revealed something i've been vague about thus far. eff it). i knew this going into it, but there isn't really anything you can do to mentally and emotionally prepare for the breaking down process.

anyway, my long, mundane list:
  • went into office on westside.
  • got breakfast/coffee.
  • dropped by vasey's (south bay) to pick up bridesmaid dresses.
  • met with client in orange county.
  • did the gas/bank/target/trader joe's runs in amazingly little time (the bear has been fending for himself for the past month or so in terms of groceries, and the fridge was rather bleak).
  • dropped my absentee ballot in the mail (yay! i voted this time! i'm a bad citizen.)
  • met up with boba to get bridesmaid dresses altered. we were delighted by the reasonable alterations quotes.
  • ate lunch with boba.
  • returned some stuff from the shower we threw for vasey last weekend to moskatel's downtown.
  • went to school--cleaned up my desk/studio area, started research for paper, helped guys working on our major group project (like the whole class/year is one big fat group for this), caught up with freckles, started work on another assignment.
  • met with the bear, dj dech+v, and their friends for v's 30th bday. so good to see them again. they so need to move back from seattle. we dined on thai food while listening to the thai elvis. they moved onto drinks in hollywood and late night eats at denny's.
  • i moved onto going back to school where our annual halloween party was raging. no, i didn't go to the party. i went back to help on the group project.
and yes, i used a lot of gas. thank goodness it's cheaper these days.
and yes, i hate group projects. especially when the group is 55 people or so. poor vanboy got volunteered to spearhead the operation and hasn't slept much. lucky for him, his vanbed isn't too far from our studio (in the parking lot). a handful of us have been working non-stop on this group project, neglecting our own work for other classes which all happen to have something due early this week. wah wah wah wahmbulance. if/when we finish this (hopefully by its due date of tomorrow), i'm thinking it'll turn out pretty kickass.

lots of photos of funny, random things, but no time for uploads! perhaps one day i will post, when i no longer remember what any of them are.

sorry for the no comments. i think my google reader may break soon from the sheer number of unread entries. i haven't read in weeks.

ok, back to work!


  1. I tire just reading about your schedule. I don't know how you do it!

  2. - Wow. That's one helleva schedule.
    - I miss you!!!!!
    - Maybe you should contract out blogging to the bear. He can write on your behalf, post pictures, etc.

  3. i can't wait til your holiday break.

    i bet you can't wait even more :)

    hang in there. we miss you.

  4. Your group has 55 people in it?!


  5. You are multi-tasking goddess supreme. Amazing day.

    And I love Thai Elvis. Have you seen his Elvis-pimpmobile? It's awesome. He gets a special parking spot for it in the garage next to the restaurant. It's pimp-tastic.

  6. You should totally contract out to the bear!

    GL with everything you've got going on.

  7. That's a whole lotta stuff packed in to a very short time. Go you! I know we miss you and I know you're busy, but I know you're going to kick ass at school. Good too "see" you again! :)

  8. Just reading that made me tired. I have no idea how you do it -- especially dealing with the 55 member group!

  9. I love making lists. It makes me feel so good seeing all I've accomplished.


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