once upon a time...

...i blogged. i wish i still did. missing it so bad. i rarely even see the hubs, so i'm thinking i should spend any extra time with him rather than blogging. sleep also trumps blogging these days. ahh..sweet, sweet sleep.

update, in short:
bridal shower thrown for vase. check.
j+j's wedding at the cutest little church in corona del mar then the fab ocma. wonderful time with ch-ch-ch-chua and his newish girl that the bear and i now love. check.
falling behind in all other classes while prepping for the studio midterm review. check.
enjoying other classes and being sad i cannot keep up with the work. check.
falling asleep in all classes. check.
prof pointing out i was falling asleep and turning down the thermostat in the already-freezing classroom. check.
visit to the ER to tend to my xacto-sliced finger. check.
eating crap instead of all the yumminess i had been. check.
staying the majority of nights at my new studio bff's, freckles', awesome loft since it's only 2 blocks from school. check. we like to cuddle her gigantic panda that is literally bigger than me.
midterm review. chizzeck, baby.

'til next time. whenever that may be. just wanted to let you all know i'm alive. barely. and miss you all.


  1. I always fell asleep in class. Boo to X-Acto mishap!

    We miss you bunches.

  2. Glad you're hanging in there. We miss you!

  3. ack! no bueno on the trip to the ER. :/

    copious amounts of hot coffee or tea might help with the freezing classrooms -- at least it sometimes helps at my freezing office.

    miss you lots!

  4. This program is hardcore. You can't even go home to sleep?! Hang in there. We miss you so much! I'll remember you when I holla at the Big Man this week.

  5. Ouch! Hope your finger is all healed up.

    You definitely are missed

  6. Hang in there! Try not to cut your fingers again. We miss you!

  7. I most def. miss these tater recaps.

    If I was a superhero, I'd want one of my powers to be the ability to sleep with my eyes open.

    Hang in there!

  8. we miss you! hang in there, and watch those fingers! xoxo

  9. Miss you tater! I know the feeling of missing your friends because you're so busy. It sucks. Don't worry, we'll be here for you when you need us or can find some time. :)

  10. We miss you too tater!! Glad to hear you are still alive. I used to fall asleep in class all the time too.

  11. we all beg you to be careful with the x-acto knife in the future;)

    we miss you tons and tons!

  12. You've got a lot on your plate right now - we will always be here for you, when you have more time.

  13. I have not fallen asleep in class, but last night I definitely yawned in the teacher's face way more times than is appropriate.

  14. Miss you too, 'Tato. Hang in there! We miss you, and we won't abandon ship.

  15. 14 folks have said it, but i have to add to 'em.

    you are SO missed! i'm glad you had a minute to check in, though.

  16. Aw, you poor dear! Hang in there! It will all be worth it in the end :)


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