i slept 5 hours in the past 2 days. for a bleh, useless critique of the work i produced while not sleeping. i totally missed on a couple key components of the assignment. oh well. potato brain needs to comprende soon.

anyway, happier thoughts:
weekend was grrreeeeat! cee and me went to california girl's lovely shower on saturday. seriously, cute mama-to-be, lovely family and friends, beautiful home perfect for entertaining, cute nursery, and great bathroom art to top it all off! afterward, we went to pa pa walk where i had noodles (cee had hainan chicken rice) instead of soup in toast and then BETTER [than sinbala] crack shaved ice. the ice is finer. the GIGANTIC mango shaved ice thing that could feed an army and is served at pa pa walk is quite...impressive even for $15 for ice, sugar, ice cream, and mango. and yes, we did eat at california girl's, too.

godpup yoshi has a goatee.

i got a lovely surprise in the mail today from the somewhat-far east. i LOVE snail mail and checking the mailbox compulsively. that's why the bear married me. he hates checking mail.

i always did think those cheesy beefy melts or beefy cheesy melts (whatever) sounded gah-ross. turns out it seems i was right, and i didn't even have to try one.

my campus job is easy peasy, and there's downtime i can use for studying. whee! and i get a discount, whee!

my classes are pretty interesting so far. although they will be quite the load. bye bye for three months, world.

too much to read in my google reader (1,000+). doing some homework then going to bed instead. yum. bed.


  1. Sad to have missed Pa Pa Walk, but I'm glad you liked it!


  2. that shave ice is OOC! but anything with mango is a-ok in my book.

    boo to no sleep, hopefully you can catch up this weekend.

  3. i'm not a happy gal on only 5 hrs of sleep in one night, much less over the course of 2 nights :/

    hope you're able to rest this weekend.

    yay for on-campus job being easy and having time to do school work!!

  4. I'm still haven't been to Pa Pa Walk. This weekend doesn't look promising but maybe the next! Hang in there, tater!

  5. I need me some Pa Pa Walk ASAP. And if I remember correctly, they don't offer rice balls as one of their options. Am I wrong? Because that may be the only reason I still like Sinbala more despite the ice texture. Must have balls.

  6. they do they do! the balls are a little too squishy for my taste, but they're still good.

  7. Must try out this Pa Pa Walk place when I'm back in LA. I am intrigued.

  8. I feel you on the lack of sleep. All I want to do is crawl into bed!

  9. I'm wishing you well my darling potato! I was wondering where and how you were. Here's to a week with more sleep. xoxo

  10. The thought of a 1,000-plus Google Reader list makes me feel faint.

    Hope you can catch up on sleep soon!

  11. please get more sleep.

    I can't wait till we go back and tackle the $15 shaved ice.

  12. sleep is good for learning. in case you forgot.
    also, i want that pup for my own.

  13. I'm a little skeeved out by the pictures of food attached to feet. Yuck. I hope you got some sleep.


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