steamy bowl

and you all didn't believe me when i said i'd disappear once school started. so sleep-deprived. so hating life every day at about 3 AM or so. then realizing it beats working (for now) and that i'm having fun even during the pain at some point. the bear has been so supportive, understanding, and wonderful in taking care of things around home since i'm barely here anymore. last night, i decided driving home would be a waste of time, worked until the sun rose, and then took a little nap on my desk before my morning class. somehow, i survived and wasn't too grumpy, either! it was bear's birthday, too. such a bad wifey. it's ok, we'll celebrate with his parents tomorrow.

it's been awhile since i did a TMI tuesday or thursday, so here goes even if it's friday. sometime last week, i was amazed at the amount of body heat that escaped as i took care of business. i like steamy bowls...of noodles. meh. then it happened again! what the...

a few days later, i was talking to one of my studiomates about the various wonky aspects of our school. he mentioned that some of the school's toilets inexplicably (and characteristically) run hot water. i guess i'm not as hot as i thought i was.

there's also a famous toilet at our school that skims has been curious about. i finally found it earlier this week but was carrying too many library books to be able to take out my camera for a quick snapshot.

in non-school news, i gave a local restaurant that's raved about another try with some friends on monday. it was better this time, but it's still not that good for the price. sad. and some dishes are much better than others. last weekend, the bear and i trekked out to BFE for his childhood friend's housewarming/engagement party. we drove into some canyon filled with ranches while looking for a costco on the way there, too. thanks a lot, iphone GPS. they've done a great job with the house, even if it is in BFE. i embarrassingly fell asleep right after eating a carb-heavy dinner and while the guys watched the USC game. sleep deprivation + some wine = potato KO.

almost all-nighter then 12 hours of class has exhausted me. falling. asleep. on. my. desk. good night!


  1. I can't believe you spent the night at school. That's super hardcore. Keep at it! You can do it! rah! rah! go tater go! =)

  2. ditto jane. that's just crazy. I have faith in you. you can do it!

    good to know that you're not so toxic.

  3. to clarify, it's not that crazy at our school. at least another handful of people in my class were there all night with me (although those that live closer did go home to shower, etc.). there were also other randoms in other classes all over school up at all hours of the night.

    but i am toxic. just not in a britney way.

  4. You should bring in a pillow and robe and leave it at your desk. And then just start bringing in random objects like a floor lamp, towel, alarm clock - that'll make far more people spend the night.

  5. ditto that girl. and don't forget the deodorant.

    we miss you!!!!

  6. There is a little sad hole on the Internet while you are at school.


    Hope to see you soon IRL.

  7. Wow, I am tired just reading this post! I'm sure all your hard work is paying off, though, at school!

  8. Me miss tater :( Time at work seriously goes by far slower without you (in a non-creepy way, of course).

  9. i believed you when you said you'd disappear, but that doesn't mean i don't still miss you :(

    at the tailend of grad school i was working full time and going to school full time. jim said it sucked the life right out of me. during this period, i managed to fall asleep on the stone fireplace at a friend's house while the rest of the party was still raging around me. so yeah, i totally feel your pain :/

  10. ooh, i forgot that the bear and i share a birthday!

    happy birthday, mr. tater!

    like amber, i believed you, but it really is so sad without you "around."

  11. Omg taterpie, your posts are starting to depress me. Hope life doesn't really suck as much as it sounds.

  12. All nighters at school. Eeek, I remember a few of those. Totally blows, doesn't it?

    I hope this won't become a regular occurrence for you, my dear.

  13. You fell asleep at your desk then went to class? That's just amazingly nuts. I hope it is all worth it and I'm sure it is.


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