cannot. work. any. more.
so many things i could be doing with my time here at the office, but the brain has shut down and can only skim blogs and nap on my desk.
delivery guy is still not here. :(
i wanted to write about my weekend highlights, but the photos are being held captive on my home computer. i thought i had uploaded them. :(
cleaning lady has come and gone. :(

instead, i will tell you what i ate today. it's truly thrilling.
1.5 uncle eddie's vegan cookies, in oatmeal chocolate chip, stolen from rezzie dezzie's desk. i also love the peanut butter chocolate chip, but some batches are salty. dear uncle eddie, salt does not replace butter.
1.0 plain pretzel with no salt drenched in jalapeno "cheese" dip from wetzel's pretzels. i prefer auntie anne's. whatever, beggars [dodging beggars on the promenade] can't be choosers.
that dip is way too small for those that dip like i do.
0.5 an uncle eddie's vegan cookie.
1.0 hansen's cherry vanilla soda. i shouldn't be drinking soda given the tightness of my pants and the fact that i'm getting two cavities filled on saturday, but whatever. it was free, and it was calling my name with that dang cherry + vanilla magical combo in its name.


  1. I am so sad for you that you are still in the office. :-(

    On another note, I looooove vegan cookies from Trader Joe's. I dont think they are the same ones you had though.

  2. i use to eat those cookies when i needed a boost while studying at the med center in college. they sold them at the cafeteria and they were so tasty.

    i really really hope you're home by now :/

  3. Hope you have escaped by now and manage to have a somewhat relaxing weekend.

  4. soda is even more okay when it's free!

  5. Cherry vanilla combos are magical. :)


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