hunting + gathering

i am mired in the depths of shopping bags. sounds fun? not if none the contents are for me. this is what rezzie dezzie and i have been up to for pretty much the past week.

our newest best friend, borrowed from our neighbor's friendly IT department. it pays in so many ways to be nice to the IT guys.a couple of decent-sized sedans with large trunks brought all this in from a couple of trips back and forth:

plus we have lots of boxes arriving via our friendly creepy UPS guy (married but continually flirts in a not-so-innocent way with both rezzie dezzie and me--both of us are married, too).despite the madness, it's actually a rather organized mess.
and now, the day before a holiday and on an empty floor of a rather large building, i am waiting for a delivery guy to drop something else off between 4 and 8 PM.

oh, and my whole body is sore from all this lifting. i kid you not, it's heavy lifting even for someone who does work out. i don't really work out. oh, and rezzie dezzie was rear-ended while out hunting and gathering the other day. by someone with no insurance. and then someone else dragged something along the side of her car (boxed, flat-pack furniture or a cart, perhaps?) while she was parked at ikea, so her door is all scratched up. that's bad thing #3 to happen, so let's hope the bad things are done since they've inflicted their trifecta of ugliness on rezzie dezzie's car.

again, this is the type of project i really do not enjoy. at all. i am so happy to announce that i will be leaving august 15, although i may still be contracting on a project-by-project basis until the end of the year and to wrap up the projects i am managing. i may not be, but i have no idea as bosswoman hasn't said a word back to me on the detailed proposal i wrote for her when handing in my resignation with 90 days' (!!! i know, but i work at a teeny-tiny firm where i have A LOT of responsibility to boss, rezzie dezzie, and especially my clients) notice. by the time she gets back from her almost three-week european holiday, it will be only a month out from quitting day. she has also asked that i wait to break the news to rezzie dezzie until bosswoman is ready, but i feel really bad as it's going to come as a big shock. i know rezzie dezzie would appreciate more notice rather than less, but i have a feeling boss won't be letting her know that soon.

anyway, i am glad to be moving on. i have realized this is definitely not what i want to do for the rest of my life. i have learned, grown, and earned a lot while here, but it was already time to move on a little while ago. i hung on a little too long, and the negatives and idiosyncrasies of this place (not any bigger or smaller than any other office, i'm sure, just different) have really built up and are getting to me. it's been a positive experience overall, but i'm slowly growing bitter over some things that will not change (i have asked and approached the topics in year-end reviews) and am plateauing in my growth. i have also slowly realized things about myself and that this isn't the best fit for me long-term and not even right now, so i need to try something else or even just somewhere else within the same industry. that's all i have to say about that as i need to focus on the positive so i can stay motivated for this last stretch and finish strong. where am i leaving to? that's for another post.

yup, work's been tough, but i've been blessed to be feeling truly blessed and having my eyes really opened to all the good (and blessings...had to throw it in again) in my life. work is about the only thing that isn't super peachy, and i had some good downtime last weekend to enjoy myself and reflect on all the good. recaps on some of the weekend good-ness to come soon. i promise my tone will get less whiny soon.


  1. ack, that project looks like a mess! good luck in the next few weeks, sounds like you're going to need it. BUT, you get to move on to bigger and better things very soon!

  2. [whispering]
    This is what my condo looks like.

  3. i applaud you for making the tough decision to make some changes that will be better for you long term... even if they're hard to do now. i hope the next few weeks go well, but know that eventually, you'll reach the light at the end of the tunnel :)

  4. Someone at my office gave their two week notice today. My boss said forget it, get out.
    Your 90 days is a long time.

  5. you are so close! a month and a half! hang in there.

  6. Wow, bravo to you for making a strong decision about your future. And being so responsible about it too. Seriously!

    Everything is going to work out great.

  7. Change is good! And really, you're way too nice and responsible to give a 90-day notice.

  8. You will finish strong. I have no doubt. Your boss is spoiled to have you. I am dizzy from your project droppings.


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