lazy, gluttonous weekend

i didn't do much this weekend. that list of things to do? yeah, it didn't really have too many things crossed off by the end.

i stayed up late. i slept a lot. i lolled about while waiting for a delivery instead of being productive as i had planned to. i ate lots of bad food. that dang hibernating bear is a bad influence. ;)

on saturday, yahoo!mail prof and the twist were on their way back from sponging in orange county and needed some hearty victuals. they called and invited us to go to busy bee with them. you should have seen the bear spring into action when we got their call. i forgot to take photos of our sandwiches last time, so here ya go.

my pastrami. delicious. not too salty as it tends to be. there was some mayo, mustard, and cheese on the soft bread. the end. simple. meat as star. delicious. don't let the nasty water they cook the pastrami in scare you away. it's like the new york hot dog vendors' water--it just makes it taste that much better. i had corned beef last time, which was also excellent.

the bear's belly buster with meatballs and italian sausage. with extra marinara on the side. the boys each had belly busters with different combos of meat. pastrami/meatball. pastrami/sausage. they declared they could eat another half to whole sandwich each. too. much. meat.

our lovely view from the park that yahoo!mail prof led us to. please ignore the trash can and the weird smudges on my camera lens.

on sunday, to brace myself for freezing my starchy butt off, i ate one of these:
obviously not hand-twisted.
obvious what city i was in.
obviously not so good. i so should have gotten salt on it. i would have had i known how unappetizing this would be.
i still ate it all.

then i sat in one of frank gehry's works to freeze for a little while...while reading. oh yeah, there was something going on down on the ice.
then it was off for copious amounts of beer and pizza to celebrate masago's upcoming birthday. four slices, multiple cinna-balls, and three mugs of newcastle later, the bear rolled me home.

yawn. being lazy makes me tired.


  1. Isn't busy bee where all the cool OC girls get their bikini waxes?

  2. yes...their giant meat-filled sandwiches are a little-known secret...

    i must take my husband for one of those things. he will die of happiness.

  3. Want your sandwiches.

  4. As much as I hate Disney, that pretzel is kind of cute.

  5. that sammie looks to die for!

  6. i'm drooling over your sandwich. mmmm!

    i <3 lazy, gluttonous weekends.

  7. That pretzel kind of creeps me out. The sandwiches all look so deeelish though. Yummmmmm.

  8. you should've seen the potato watch the awesome hockey game. oh wait she didn't ;P

  9. It really isn't a pretzel without salt. You should know better.

  10. i always take great pleasure in eating the ears first.

    that doesn't surprise you, does it?


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