it's the end of the world as we know it

and i feel fine.

well, it's not the end of the world, but yesterday seemed like it. first, there was the earthquake that was really not that big of a deal. my building was rolling for a bit and the suspended ceiling swaying a tiny bit as it's not wall to wall in here. i was like whatever and got back to work. rezzie dezzie freaked out a bit as this is her first big one--she was still living in texas during the northridge quake. to her credit, she wasn't too crazy and also got right back to work.

then ZAP. all the power went out, and there were crazy mechanical sounds (probably the emergency generators). someone on the other end of the floor said they saw a fireball in the direction of the substation. everyone trudged downstairs as we were sent home. people were MANIACS trying to get out of the parking garage. really, not that big of a deal, but apparently everyone else thought the world was ending and they were the only ones that needed to get out and home.

later that evening, i discovered some annoying news. really not that big a deal, and i surprised myself with how calmly i took it. it did add to the doomsday feel, though. the doomsday feel also helped me keep it in perspective.

i ran out most of the bleh feelings at the gym. it's amazing how much more i can run/work out when angry or annoyed.

it's amazing how much more i can do in a day when i get off work three hours early.
it felt so luxurious.


  1. See what the gym can do for you?

    Not that I've ever been to one myself :)

  2. Running is one of the best forms of therapy ever... :)

    Hope the annoying news isn't bad news...

  3. I would like to request at least one earthquake a week if it'll give me 3 extra me-hours that day. Good for you for keeping it all in perspective and running it out. :)

  4. You can tell a lot about people based on the way they act during a real or potential crisis.

    Hope you are less annoyed very soon.

  5. i agree that running is always easier when you have something to mull over!! xoxo

  6. oh yeah, when i'm fired up i'm way more productive in my workouts :P

    hope the news is just annoying and not terribly bad.

  7. I'm so jealous you got out early! I got MORE work to do (although it wasn't really earthquake related)

  8. i'm hoping the annoying news has gotten better, or at the very least, that you've gotten better about it.


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