just another [non]manic monday

in fact, it was the calm before the storm that was this week. like i said, i was feeling pretty chipper after a mini breakdown sunday night when our landlord gave us 60 days' notice. i have a lot to do this summer, and moving was not on that list. we have a great relationship with our neighbor/landlord, but his cousin wanted to move in, and we were month-to-month, so bye bye us. despite that and a full week, i was in good spirits and had a great attitude for me monday through wednesday. on tuesday, our landlord told us his cousin backed out and that we were welcome to stay. we are planning on signing a 6-month lease as i will not be able to deal with moving in the near future except maybe next winter or summer. whew.

so back to monday. i was actually efficient at work, and the bear had some time to check out a few places we found on craigslist. we both started to get excited about leaving behind the not-so-savory things about our current place, as it's fine and home but less than ideal.

then it was off to j-town to meet up with some high school friends for dinner. i haven't seen these ladies in forever, and it was nice to see each other on a weeknight and catch up. the wait at daikokuya wasn't too bad. i arrived first and put us down, about 6th on the list. boba (my HS friend) and v (boba and vase's elementary/jr. high school friend) arrived next, scoring an awesome spot right in front of the restaurant. vasey (my BFF in high school) and i (vasey's roomie, boba/vasey/v's elementary/jr. high school friend, and employee of company two floors below mine in the same building) came next. unfortunately, l couldn't make it as she was still in OC after a tough day at work. we were seated within half an hour. booya! we all shared their rectangular gyoza, 4 out of 5 of us ordered the ramen, and boba ordered the shredded pork bowl. the ramen and gyoza were delicious as usual. the pork bowl's pork was not shredded but cubed, rather fatty, and the sauce sweet. it was very delicious for about a bite (which is all i tried), but too sweet/fatty/oily for the whole bowl. boba ended up packing most of it. vasey was the paparazzi for the night, so i only have a few photos (below).

afterward, we walked around the corner to yogurtland, my second time at one of their locations. i still like pinkberry's plain yogurt and fruit better, but i like that you can determine the portion amount (good for the belly and wallet), and i do like the variety of flavors offered. 'twas fun catching up on work, engagement/relationship talk, life, and everything else, chicas! we must do it again.
morphosis' cal trans building

don't ask.

worst. lighting. ever.
not only does yogurt look green AND washed out in there but so does everyone and everything.
super bright HIDs are not for all spaces, yogurtland.

oh yeah, i took a trip to the lovely city of vernon to inspect stuff at a factory earlier in the day. i love the irony of the murals all over the farmer john factory. i also don't mind the delicious smells emanating from that building.

ah, to be a pig. looks like the good life [cue kanye].
eat. sleep. chill by the creek.
be expected to get fat.

pig playground??? so the porkies think.

farmer john himself.

dunno about pigs frolickling next to the smokehouse.
the one right next to looks like it's eating something...
mad pig disease, anyone?

i guess pigs can fly.
after they're butchered and on their way to pig heaven.


  1. Hmmm ramen. How I miss you.

    Yay for not having to move!

  2. Farmer John is one twisted man. I feel for the pigs. But will gladly eat them.

  3. Is Farmer John wearing a Jason mask??

  4. the pig murals on that building are distrubing :/

    i keep hearing about yogurtland and really want to try it. too bad there aren't any close to me. poo.


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