around the world around the wo-orld

well, my daily world.

around the office

you can see where boss sits in relation to me. yeah, not ideal. not that i'm not always on task or anything. (really, this lazy head actually is usually working steadily at work).

my humble desk. click to read annotations.

close up. thanks, nanners!

love our orange ball clock.
what can i say? i love to make drawings bleed. multiple shades of red, even.
and scar my pencils, while i'm at it. these mystery marks puzzled me for awhile.

duh. time to cut the ragged nails.
required uniform for dealing with the subzero temperatures inside:

a warm jacket.

around the home

landlord's new [adult] pups who chill in our shared yard. too bad they're usually still sleeping inside when i leave and back inside by the time i get home.
fatty boy on the left.
short-legged girl on the right.

i have a long tongue.

i can't spell the contents of my freezer.
moch? mocha? mochi?

ah, that's better.

i always whine, "there's nothing to eaaaaat."
i got sick of my whining and stuck these adhesive "chalkboards" on the fridge to keep me from saying that. hard to say that when you see these long lists posted.


  1. I LOOOOOVE this post. I'm totally going to steal your idea of listing available foods on the bridge.

  2. I love that you have a list of what's inside on the outside. It's just the right amount of crazy to possibly be a good idea. ;)

  3. can i have some of your myulchi?? i am craving salty dried anchovies right now. ;-)

  4. your lists on the fridge crack me up!

    i'm liking the shots of tater trying to keep warm in the office.

  5. that's a great idea cuz I always whine that there's nothing in the fridge.

    the chubby min pin looks like a rat. lol

  6. I used to do the food list thing just on the inside of my pantry in college - mostly because I was too short to see everything I had in the cupboard. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, I love the sink! And I think I need that orange clock.

  8. love your cube! and that is such a fab idea of the list on the outside of the fridge, I might have to steal the idea.

  9. Love the sink and the office! Yours is way neater than mine :) The list on your fridge is awesome.

  10. Your office is so different from my office!!!!

    And I must be the anti-tater. I have a list outside of my fridge of things that AREN'T in there that we need.

  11. Everyone said it but the chalkboard idea is genius. Seriously.

    Also, I can't wait to have a job that I like so that I can decorate.

  12. The chalkboard is intense. But really, a great idea :) I should tell Mr. P so I don't whine to him that we have nothing and guilt trip him into going to the store or something equally nonsensical.

  13. omg, i'm so going to make the lists. that'll shut the teen up when she whines about not having anything good to eat around this house.

    and i love the blocking of the view. awesome.


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