bowling pin-shaped bud light.
klassy, but tickled my fancy.
also love the bowling pin [formica?] laminate on the tables.

gross-looking chli fries
that are so addictive.
everyone kept coming by and stealing the bear's food.

the bear can bowl.
i cannot.

i still encroached on the bear's weekly boys' night because b brought d, who was in town, so they could be d&b. d and i tried breaking 100 while the boys got turkeys and such. it was a nice mid-week break to celebrate tuesday, though.


  1. That bottle is awesome!!!

    And...all eat same! :)

    We love Lucy's salsa, too, although it often yield firepoo because it is so steeped with jalapenos. Or maybe they are habaneros. Whatever the peppers, they are hot coming out.


  2. I absolutely suck at bowling, but it's just so much fun (especially when someone in the group is absolutely drunk and work is picking up the tab).

  3. bowling is so fun! even though i royally suck at it :/

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's no good at bowling. I always blame my bad luck on whatever teeny-bopper is there in non-bowling clothes.

  5. I super suck at bowling, but I am good at eating chili fries! It may be klassy, but I like that bottle. :)

  6. that's a great beer bottle!

    i love bowling so much. we should have a bowling GTG!

  7. Don't sound so excited - lol!


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