...would anyone want to make love in this club (in this club, in this club)? or in any club for that matter?

...do the subs not understand when i put a big, red "X" through their drawings and write in big letters "revise per most recently issued drawings, delta 5, and resubmit." why do they then submit drawings showing stuff from the FIRST set of drawings ever, with designs that the first and long-since fired designer on the project issued?

...are some clients so simply amazing--appreciative, see value in your work/the money they're spending on you, good at making their expectations clear, and decisive? and some others...not so much?

...did i happen to shop david hicks fabrics for a client and then stop in at tory burch only to start lusting after tons of summer clothes in bright, graphic prints?

...does homemade salsa taste so good?

...can i not stop eating?

...does the sun make me so cheery?


  1. Who wouldn't want to make love to a thug in da club with his fresh pair of Nikes on? Are you crazzzzzy?!?!

  2. I was wondering about that club thing too.

    Subs are the worst. I just keep sending the drawings back. Over. And over. And over. Each time with a thicker red pen.

  3. I don't know the answers to your questions; I am just glad we are not talking about beet poop anymore.

  4. I read your post like 3 times and my brain must be on strike bc I have no answers! But I agree, I'm glad you're not talking about beet colored poop or used nailclippers anymore - hhahahaha.

  5. why can I not stop eating??? you are not alone, my friend! I've been telling cee all week that I have been an endless pit.

    no bueno for my arms and tummy. no bueno at all [off to make some homemade salsa]

  6. Why can't I think of any witty comments?

  7. ditto sarah.

    i can't seem to stop eating this week either. and it has nothing to do with a bun in the oven or a certain visitor being right around the corner. :/

  8. I love this game!

    1)Because sex in your mom's mini van just isn't cool when your 30.

    2)Because submarines do not have brains, they're run by computers.

    3)Because some people are good, and others are evil

    4)Because summer is just a month away!

    5)Because everything tastes better when you make it.

    6) See above.

    7) Because of vitamin K! Duh!

  9. Why isn't the sky green?

  10. Why ask why? Shoot, I didn't have anything better than that to say. Hmph.


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