i've lately been having weird, jumbled thoughts about things past despite the fact that i am in such a lazy state that i can't help but only think of the present. this is not because living in the moment is awesomeness (and that it is) but because just being (thoughtlessly) now is easier than remembering the past, good things included, or thinking about the future. if they were more coherent thoughts that weren't randomly interjected into my everyday ones, i'd share. it's mostly thoughts about family and specific events having to do with them--my dad, my ex-stepdad, the formative days of potatobear, my grandfather...OK so maybe it's just the men. weird. i just realized while typing that out.

back in the day remember if you give a mouse a cookie? well, the cupcakes have invaded even that. not that i have any issues with cupcakes. i might even go buy that book. for um, our future kids that we currently don't even know if we're planning for. um yeah.

a few weekends ago
here are a few shots from our fabulous girls' weekend in san diego i finally pulled off my half-dead camera. oh yeah, the camera hates me. it behaves again when the bear drops it, but not when i do. wtf?!?

anyway, first, the filipinos + some random kid.
while everyone else was oohing and ahhing over this from the marriott rooftop,
i was silently more taken by the graphic effect of the different types and color temperatures of lighting in the uncovered (lights made for fog) vs. covered parts of the neighboring parking garage.
yes, feel free to completely ignore those last dorky photos.

yeah, that's about all worth pulling off. sad. well, i knew we had quite a few more-talented-than-me stalkerazzi in our midst, so i took the lazy route.

to remember for later
i saw this while out and about today. i had to snap a pic since it was shouting my name. literally.


  1. SPUD!!!!! Hahahaha love it.

  2. thoughtless "being" sounds pretty good to me. i like the posts that talk about the ongoings of tater's mind. :)

  3. You're becoming a regular Faulken, tater!

  4. You are so random in this post, love it. Haha!

  5. sometimes writing all those randoms thoughts out help you to figure out what it all means. sounds like you're already one step closer to that. :)

  6. I'm kind of lost in my own head these days. I don't know if that's what you meant, but that's the way I read it. I think it's a good thing, for the record. :)

    And the Spud! is too funny. Love it.

  7. i wish i were present for that filipino pic.

    you know from my own recent posts that i'm all over the place in regards to family these days. i hope yours is doing better than mine :X


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