we met up with A + K. we exchanged christmas gifts. yes, it's been that long, sadly, since we've seen each other. good times. good food. gamjatang (literally potato stew) had potato chunks and tender pork floating in its perfect pork + red pepper broth. the samgyupsal (unseasoned bacon/pork belly) was thick and juicy. dweji galbi, or my beloved porksicles, have a sticky sweet slightly spicy glaze, are grilled not at the table, and are so tasty when eaten off the bone. i hyped it up too much for the bear. so that is all i will say lest i hype it up too much for you, too.

i was too busy yapping to take photos, as usual. you can see plenty of porksicle photos here and there.

i miss A + K and how our joint family get-togethers once were. ah well, i will soon (hopefully) see them regularly again.

finally, because i overhyped the porksicles for the bear, i leave you with this find of his. enjoy.


  1. I totally missed the moonwalking bear!

  2. Hahahaha that was too funny :)

  3. haha! how sad is it that i missed the bear both times through? look out cyclists....

    p.s. drooling at the thought of tasty thick-cut samgyupsal dipped in chahng-girum. <3

  4. I totally did not see that coming, even after reading the previous comments. Cracked me up like no other. Thanks!

  5. Dahahaha. I missed the bear too. Too funny.

    bookmarked that restaurant. I can't wait.

  6. I always think of frozen pork when you write about porkcicles.

  7. Pork is not my fav. :/


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