just another saturday

we had grand plans for saturday morning--wake up early, go to costco as soon as it opened to buy the random stuff on our list (gum, salmon, rock band, and vodka), get me fitted for real running shoes*, then hit up a few more stops on our way to our pho place for lunch.

costco had two of four things on our list. plus one thing not on our list. more on that later.

at a snail's pace, where the bear buys his running shoes, we discovered i had feet fit for old lady-looking shoes. i ended up with some asics gel 1130s. i need a light stability shoe due to mild overpronation. i also tried on a pair of brooks (too flat, too hard, and not supportive enough) and sauconys (so soft and comfy, but again not supportive enough).
we found rock band on sale at fry's. i hate fry's, but i love a [slight] bargain more. a few more stops to wrap up our errands, grab lunch, and we were home! we unloaded this out of the truck.
guess which one i was more excited about?
BZZZZ!!! WRONG! i was super excited about the tupperware.
it's quite a bargain at costco.
dang hagalicious tendencies are coming out.
dudes! they don't retain smells! per all our friends in seattle!
[busting out kimchi for the ultimate test]
the bear was excited about both.
and his new toy in the background.

i was supposed to study all afternoon. instead, i napped. i played rock band (i suck at drums, am OK at guitar, and rock at singing). we ran. i ate. then i finally studied just a little bit.

*yes, i am going to start running as it's something the bear and i can do together, i want to run the nike runhitremix 5-mile in august/september in a decent-for-me time, cee will probably run the 5-mile with me since it's before her halfie, and i actually have an awesome group of ladies who are training for a half marathon to provide moral support and commiserate with me. whee!


  1. [shaking head at your being more excited about Rubbermaid]

  2. I'd be more excited about the Rubbermaid, too. :)

  3. I think I'd use the Rubbermaid as extra percussion instruments in Rock Band. Heh.

    And you'll get better at playing the instruments with practice, I promise!

  4. Ooh, Rock Band! I want to try that game some time. Glad you found it. It was nice meeting you at the Foo Fighters concert. That was a fun night!

  5. i love getting new tupperware. i remember being really excited about the stuff that wouldn't retain red stains from tomatoes and pasta sauce. sadly, they were too $$ for my taste to fully embrace them :/

    jim can't wait for rockband to come out on wii. wheee!

  6. My dad used to sell tupperwear. Somehow that ruins all the excitement for it....

  7. I used to sell Tupperware. Well, sort of. I still heart the stuff. :)

  8. hey, the shoes i ended up getting at sport chalet are last year's model of your shoe! awww, we're almost-shoe-twins!

  9. I'm wondering which saucony's they made you try on?

    I got Saucony's cause I needed major support.

    YEY for rockband and yey for tupperware!

  10. all of this talk of running...and I just keep drinking beer...


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