sensual seduction

the worst song ever. but it's so damn catchy. stuck in my head. all day. i am a snoop fan, usually, but i'm not a fan of this song.

anyway, none of that has anything to do with the main content of this post. oh wait, it's yet another random compilation. never mind.

weekend sofa cinema
no reservations. not so good. predictable, underdeveloped storyline/plot/characters/errythang. still bawled through it. wtf is wrong with me? i never used to cry in movies. abigail breslin was better in little miss sunshine. maybe because it was a better script and movie. hmm...time to shut up as one of my projects somewhat depends on the revenue of this movie. ahhh, tinseltown.

ratatouille. very good. still a pixar fan, even though i had to skip cars. rats have never been so cute. bawled again. was really craving soup afterward. ratatouille, not so much.

the bear noticed a common thread. i like chef movies, what?

schoolio for this foolio
CG wasn't in class when mr. prof started it a few minutes late. he asked since he didn't see her, if we would all like to skip our break and get out 35 minutes early. YES!!! a few hoots, cheers, a resounding yes from the class. about an hour before our early, scheduled conclusion, there was an abrupt, "don't we get a break???" from the back of the room. no raising of the hand. just pure interruption. yep, you guessed who. mr. prof told her! in summary, he said she was late, everyone else wanted to end early since she wasn't there and it wouldn't affect her, so since he'd promised us, he had to do it. she whined about having to use the bathroom, and he restated his policy he stated earlier that you are free to leave at any time, but you will miss any lecture/notes while you are gone. i'm starting to like this guy. despite his tangents, he's a no BS kind of guy and even called out the two women whispering/talking all session long next to me in an awesome way. i felt quite smug after class today, despite the fact i did nothing.

mr. random-questions-guy-trying-to-kiss-ass-and-sound-smart asked a related but unrelated, trivial question. you know what i mean. the professor admitted he didn't know the answer and told mr. RQGTTKAASS to google it. tee hee! i haven't heard that in a classroom before, and it tickled me silly.

old school to the new school
i finally got a hold of my friend baby[plats] on the way home. eeeee! we are SO excited to see each other, and it was so good to talk on the phone rather than via email/IM as usual. that totally surprised me as i am not a phone person, really. anyway, i really can't wait.

some of our old adventures:
at fallingwater, yay/boo to the scaffolding.
boo to stripey lady on the right.

omg. i lookalika fat man with bad hair.

she's watching you.
where we spent a good part of a year together.
there's a mini photo of us at rockefeller center next to the binder, too.

i spy aqua + red.
baby on mommy's lap.
see? i would make a horrible real mother.

yes, i must admit the nicknames are slightly disturbing, but "you just had to be there." i hate that phrase but have to use it.

enough reminiscing. it's time to dream about salmon, rain, and coffee.


  1. i totally and completely agree with you about the snoop song. so bad, yet so catchy.

    a big fat YAY to your professor!! :D

    you all look so young in those pics. too cute.

  2. Ewww, now I'm singing that song inside my head. I HATE that song :( Thanks a lot Tater.

    I <3 your professor.

    And you looked so cute when you were younger!

  3. And now I got that song stuck in my head AGAIN! uhhhh...

    you got such a cool prof. heehee!

    Is there still room in your bag since you're not going boarding? I like to eat, drink coffee and eat too.

  4. first the kid torments me with that horrific song, and now you? i thought you loved me.

    your prof is awesome. i love him too.

    LOVE the pics! btw, i'm not a phone person either. must be the years of customer service work.

  5. Damn you and that hideous song!

    Your prof. is awesome. He says exactly what I wish all my professors had said to all the dumb people. Why are there so many??

    I liked both those movies, but I had already seen the German version of No Reservations, called Mostly Martha, so it was predictable anyway.

  6. I'm the loser that hasn't heard this Snoop song, but when I get home, I'm going to iTunes it :) Your professor rocks for trying to get out early too :)

  7. They should call him Professor Awesome.

    I think you have weird dreams.

  8. Bwahahaha! Google is that guy's friend!

  9. I <3 Ratatouille!

    And, boo to lame class girl!

  10. Worst. Song. Ever.

  11. I had to skip Cars too - I'm not interested in talking automobiles. Even if they are animated.

  12. love the blast-from-the-past pics. ;-) the aqua foreshadowing is crazy!


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