seattle 1.1

seattle v. 0 happened almost 10 years ago, and i hardly remember it. i think most of our time there was actually spent at mt. rainier anyway.

so here's version 1, day 1.
the bear and i took the whole day off despite our flight not being until 4 PM. it was really nice as it gave us time to finish packing, run some errands in the morning, and straighten up from the FEAST! we had the night before to finish all our produce and aji sauce (we both stupidly forgot about our upcoming vacay and bought highly perishable food the week of). there's nothing more grumpifying than coming back to a messy house.

we were flying out of a BFE airport, so we dropped by the in-laws', ate at one of our favorite taco shacks (mmm...orange bang and spicy red salsa!) whose food we topped with the aji yumminess we had lugged with us, said hello and good-bye, then went to the turtle's house to pick him up. while waiting for him, i snapped photos of these itty-bitty mini peppers in his yard.
i'm assuming they're some sort of thai chiles and that they pack a punch.

after a rather uneventful flight and cramped ride (you try fitting 5 people, 3 suitcases, and 2 peoples' snowboard gear in a sedan), we arrived at the first red robin. bottomless fries do a body good after a [half] day of travel. we met some friends of dj dech's, and they were able to give the boys some tips on where to go snowboarding the next day.

then it was onto dj dech + v's new home sweet home, where we met roxy the energetic puggle.
i came bearing gifts--only for the dog. i couldn't resist the super cute, girly squeaky toy when i saw it on sale at target. thank you, mr. mizrahi, for making cute, cheap doggy toys. i was able to buy this dog's love with it.

we tried to tire roxy out (but only succeeded in riling her up more), the boys had a celebratory shot, and then we all called it a night since our hosts had work the next day.
[singing] reunited and it feeeeels so goood.


  1. Puggle!

    We had aji sauce from Pollo a la Brasa on Friday.

  2. sounds like a good start to a little getaway. ;-) i love the lime green walls in the last pic!

  3. Orange bang! I just like saying that.

  4. That puggle is so cute!!

  5. I'm so excited to hear about the rest of the trip. I haven't been to Seattle since high school!

  6. Cute doggie.

    1.2! 1.2! 1.2!

  7. cute pup!

    i love taking a whole day off when you don't have to catch a flight til late. i think you get the vacation off to a better, more relaxing start that way. (the complete antithesis of how we're starting our next trip....)

  8. i bet i know which BFE airport you flew out of!

    i love that you put your thumb next to the pepper to illustrate its size. love it!

  9. What cute, tiny little peppers!


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