weekend recap, link style

full weekend. need another weekend from my weekend. too tired to properly blog. will lazily link to others' accounts of my weekend.

almost forgot. [mustering up some energy] eeeeee! thanks for the comment love and delurking, my homies!

thursday - brought to you by the letter m.
went to see the murakami exhibit at the geffen contemporary at MOCA with monkey and weatherjen. trippy 'shrooms. eerily happy daises galore. cute creatures we wanted to take home and pet. stupid gift shop that closes before the exhibit does. more money in my pocket for ramen. complimentary sashimi. yummy ramen. talk of meadows and other fun things. fun night.

friday - "it's all about the cancer."
almost-legally winnie

it's all already been said, too. click away. cheese, wine, chocolate, fun crowd, burger bites, awesome hosts, inspiring/charitable runners...need i say more?

oh, a photo? burger bite nestled in the purty flowers. the rest of my pics are too blurry. surprise, surprise. there is plenty of eye candy within the above links.

saturday - sold out!
the 2 backed up to the light. like, we weren't even in wrightwood yet. bear's crackberry came in handy. lift tickets sold out. before 10:30 AM. took a long detour to mt. baldy. yes, i said mt. baldy. home of the most dangerous lifts. decent powder. not too crowded, unlike mountain high and bear (as in the mountain, not my husband). bruised left knee, as always. kinda sorta getting it. dinner at chili's (i want my baby back baby back baby back...). my favorite black bean burger was blegh and dry. bear's fajita fillings too salty. came home to deal with drama fo' yo' my momma on the phone. want to share. can't. will eventually.

sunday -
brunch at sinbala with the old school girls. good, cheap, taiwanese eats. fried turnip cake. deep fried scallion pancake. oyster pancake with sweet tomato sauce. cold chicken noodles with peanut and chili sauce. sticky rice (oh how i heart anything glutinous). un-spicy spicy meatball in some kind of jelly skin. taiwanese sausage with slices of raw garlic. a few other things. shaved ice with crack-like brown sugar syrup and 5 other toppings (almond jello, jelly, rice cake balls, sweet/syrupy peanuts, condensed milk). christmas gifts exchanged. yes, a month later. scored a santater, scarf, and visa GC...w00t! gave a j.crew GC. some good catchup time and talking with the girls.

please, don't forget to chew if you order one of these drinks:
do not fear that you will get confused. all other drinks that come sans chewing are categorized separately.

hit up the mall of high school days afterward in my 3.5" stilettos. not a good idea. especially since still sore from snowboarding. realized i still hate shopping and that i need a personal shopper or cable show to come make me over. was more interested in this than clothing but resisted:
cut off the essential part of the photo with my crazy photography skillz.

the end.


  1. I had so much fun last Thursday with you and WeeMo!

  2. I still haven't been to Sinbala!


    and, i'm dying at "chewing drinks". awesome, just awesome.

  4. i was wondering what the stand was ;) i figured it out though.

  5. That is a crazy full weekend

  6. Thanks now I'm craving Bobba Tea.

    Maybe that's where I'll head on my lunch. Shhh don't tell the TNTers.

  7. I love Sinbala. I crave it once a week. You're right. The brown sugar syrup IS crack. When Def Leppard sang "Pour Some Sugar on Me", they were most definitely thinking of this stuff.


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