it's almost the weekend

so i'll recap last weekend. finally.

i was still sickypoo, quite literally. that's all i remember. oh, and i do remember the bear took really good care of me on friday and throughout the whole weekend, even though all that was wrong by saturday morning was some stomach pain/discomfort.

we went on a potato+bear adventure downtown to pick up an old school looking g shock watch (yes, it's genuine) for the bear, since he's been doing jumps and back country stuff on his snowboard now and needs an everything-proof watch. why is it that some people are pros, say, the second time they go, and i others suck even after a few seasons and a couple of lessons? in classic potatobear miscommunication fashion, i thought we were having popeye's on our way back when the bear was totally joking. i was so happy i could get mashed potatoes with maybe a little gravy if the stomach didn't protest too much. he somehow thought i wanted a rich, meaty panini. anyway...

move night! we watched superbad. which was not supergood. funny enough, but i wasn't laughing as hard as i wanted/needed/expected to. then i watched waitress while the bear half watched, half waxed his snowboard. i sniffled throughout the movie. like, the tears would not stop welling up. not sure why (hormones?), but i felt for her. like empathized just because she is a woman and so am i. i did keep having felicity flashbacks, though. the movie made me crave a walk through dean & deluca. it also made me want to bake a pie. i even bought frozen pie crust during our grocery spree (hey, i'm lazy and don't have a board large enough nor a rolling pin, so no crust-making for now). i hope if and when we ever have any tater tots, i will actually like my baby as she does in the end. anyway, i loved it because all that crying was cathartic. always the awesome bear, he let me soak his shoulder with silly tears.

my stomach felt A-OK! i ate some pirate's booty for breakfast. ARRRR! nice start to my foray into solid foods. we went to early service, heard a really great sermon, had a really good and challenging discussion afterward in the car, then came home to watch tv before our next event.

i somehow totally forgot the blog party was this day and double booked. anyway, i was still nervous about being on the road (away from a bathroom) for more than 20 minute intervals, so it was good that i rsvp'ed no at the last minute. we went to the bear's friend's house in our 'hood for some football, jane austin [sic], and lamb kebab, chicken kebab, couscous, amazingly fresh hummus, a corn + pomegranate salad, and cupcakes! how did they know i wanted flavorful? somehow, i stomached all the protein and didn't feel too much pain afterward. unfortunately, the host's stomach didn't fare so well after all the beverages he had. it was pretty fun partying with a prof and doctor 15 years my senior. oh, and the host misspelled the author's name in his evite, despite the co-host's/his wife's love for her writing. we stayed almost late enough to watch pbs' masterpiece theatre version of northanger abbey. then it was home to cuddle, have our late night talk in bed, and get to bed. after all, working a full week is much harder than working two days and taking the rest of the week off as a sickypoo.

too. much. text. sorry about the photo-less brain barf. good night!


  1. I *still* haven't blogged about last weekend. :P

    Sad you didn't love Superbad.

    I think I liked Waitress for the same reasons you did.

  2. i'm sorry you were so sick, but i'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

    i wasn't all that impressed with superbad either, but hubs loved it. like, almost in tears laughing so hard.

    mastering pie crust is something i'd like to do at some point. it is just so betty homemaker... but the frozen stuff is great in a pinch :)

  3. Waitress is on our blockbuster list.

    You were definitely missed on Sunday!

  4. I liked Superbad, but I loved Waitress. It made me want to bake a pie, too.

  5. I loved Waitress, and it made me cry too. Same reasons. I am always oh so hormonal.

    Glad you're feeling better. :0

  6. Aww, yay for feeling better :) Waitress is on my (very long) blockbuster list . . . I'm glad to hear you liked it.

  7. you were definitely missed on sunday, but I completely understand. glad you are (finally) feeling better.

  8. I got a little teary during Waitress, too. So good.


    i liked waitress too :) i didn't even watch superbad when the hub rented it.

  10. Waitress was good. I concur on Superbad.


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