christmas recap

i am hoping i can make this one more concise than my last recap. the bear thinks i share TMI on this blog, so i will just give you some blurry eye candy/minimal descriptions and not reveal all of my supposed k-food secrets.

monday - 12.24
  • headed out to mom's in BFE for dinner. gave the family pup a few new toys.

    "aren't i pretty?: she asks. "isn't my paw so ridiculously small?"
  • bbq'ed up some sahm gyup sahl (pork belly/thick slices of bacon that isn't seasoned or salty at all) and kalbi (marinated beef short ribs). wrapped them up in various ssam (romaine, red leaf lettuce, and kkaennip (AKA shiso, sesame leaf, perilla)). also put the following in the leafy packets: various combos of unfermented kimchi, regular kimchi, finely sliced green onion, gochujang (red pepper paste), and ssamjang (fermented soybean paste). oh yes - alternatively dipped the sahm gyup sahl in sesame oil/salt/pepper and just ate it.

  • ended the meal with kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew/casserole) + perfectly cooked short-grain white rice thanks to my mom's talking rice cooker.

  • snacked on some dried squid. oh so stinky but oh so good.

  • snacked further on some gyool (satsuma mandarins). i love how easy these suckers are to peel compared to clementines.

  • drinks of choice: soju + sauvignon blanc.
hmm. maybe i did reveal too much after all. i can't help it, bear! you know i like to talk.

tuesday - 12.25
  • went to in-laws'. snacked on these thai pastry things with some curry and chicken filling. kind of like a samosa, but better. much flakier + really buttery pastry, easy to eat by hand shape, flavorful filling that wasn't too overpowered by the curry-based seasoning, and meaty yumminess inside. oh and fresh guava straight from their tree. so. good.
  • opened gifts. i didn't ask for anything, but i got quite a bit, which was a nice surprise. i love a lot of it and wish my kitchen were bigger so it could hold it all.
  • went to uncle-in-law's place for his annual party. he made this thai sauce that was so light, spicy, and amazing (i think lime, lemongrass, smaller red onion kind of things, thai chiles, cilanro, and a few other tasties go in it) to pair with salmon sashimi. it was so much better with the salmon than just soy + wasabi, which was also available. there was also brie, a cheeseball, red wine, chocolate truffles, cream puffs, and this other thai dessert laid out as starters. we moved onto a really yummy seafood salad that makes its appearance every year - more like a ceviche, but with big, chunky, meaty stuff rather than everything being chopped up, and the star being the seafood rather than its sauce. then there was duck, veggies, and a hot curried seafood dish.
  • we jetted early as we both had work early the next morning.
wednesday - 12.26
  • worked a full day. yay.
  • met with the in-laws + one uncle that couldn't make it to christmas day at an OK thai restaurant for more thai food.
  • took home the leftovers, which will be dinner tonight. whee!
yes, it was all about eating. portion control will be back in effect starting...today, hopefully.


  1. seriously yummy looking stuff. zsxj

  2. Ooh, I want a Thai samosa-like thing.

    Li'l pup is adorably small.

  3. Your dog is too cute. :)

  4. I think I gained 10 lbs. just reading this entry. Sounds like it was a delicious holiday season.

  5. sahm gyup ssal!!!! sounds like you had a tasty holiday!

  6. cute puppy!

    and, we all know how MY hub feels about my blogging. meh,

  7. love hearing about all of the fun foods!

  8. I don't think your blog is TMI at all. That said, I like clementines and find them pretty easy to peel. :)

  9. mmmm, i want some. korean bbq, makes my mouth water

  10. yum-o! i've only had thai food a handful of times, but i'm always so impressed at how flavorful, yet light the dishes are.

  11. It's always about the food. :)


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