post-wedding chop

warning! lots of potato pics in this one. just. the. potato.

i've been contemplating this since a month before the wedding, but there are a few things holding me back.

1. i'm cheap. i cut my hair maybe twice a year if my mane is so lucky. my current stylist charges only $40 a cut. i know i'll most likely have to shell out at least double to find a good stylist in this city.
2. i still haven't found a stylist i love. $40 lady is fine for trims or even medium-length cuts, but that's it. i don't trust her for something more radical. anyone have a recommendations for a stylist who can work asian, wavy, bendy/formable, very textural, thinning but has tons of volume and frizz hair? yes, the potato hair is quite temperamental. i'm open to someone on the westside, south bay, long beach, or north orange county.
3. i'm lazy. see #1 for how often i drag myself to the salon.
4. "winter" is upon us. i will be seeing snow, as we've got our first snowboarding trip scheduled (tahoe in december...whee!). the extra hair keeps me warm. on the other hand, the extra hair is harder to shove under a winter hat and/or hood.
5. i'm lazy. shorter hair often requires more upkeep. right now, i can just toss it into a ponytail for instant polish.

just in time, instyle came up with a photochopping flash app that i've been desperately searching for for years as real photoshopping takes a longass time to get the angles, hair color, etc. all looking believable. i found it via weemo's experimentation and a post on a message board. one tip - use a photo with as much of your hair pulled up and out of your face as possible and no sunglasses on your head, or else you might end up looking like this:

mandy moore

milla jovavich

kirsten dunst

michelle pfeiffer

enough of that. i uploaded a better photo, but i had sideswept bangs in this one, so it still distracted a bit. i originally left the color in its original state, then i tried it in my natural hair color as we all know by this point in this entry that i am too lazy and cheap for hair color upkeep. not that i'd ever go platinum blonde, but ya know. click on each photo for a larger, non-pixelated version.

jessica alba #1

jessica alba #2

posh spice aka victoria beckham

halle berry

cate blanchett

sandra bullock

giselle bundchen

naomi campbell

claire danes


america ferrara

katherine heigl

katie holmes


milla jovavich, again

lucy liu. no need for color change on this one.

eva longoria mullet

katharine mcphee

red potato. debra messing.

sienna miller

mandy moore #1

mandy moore #2

natalie portman

nicole ritchie

ashlee simpson

gwen stefani. aka potato in drag.

charlize theron

carrie underwood

naomi watts

reese witherspoon
[which kay pulls of very well]

catherine zeta-jones. scary potato.

in conclusion, i think whenever i get up the nerve, funds, motivation, and the name of an awesome stylist, i'll do something like this, courtesy of the fab jasmine star's blog (sad i didn't find her during my own wedding photographer search, although i do love the one i ended up with). too bad i don't make such a great blonde, and too bad this style will require a bit more handling and upkeep than my current style. but...i think it'll work with my hair type and face shape.

oh, and that little project i was supposed to have done today? um, yeah. no comment. sigh. :(


  1. I love Halle Berry's hair on you.

  2. Tater + Glen Stefani hair = one sexy mandiva

  3. I vote for America Ferrera, but I must say that Katie Holmes looks quite fetching if you're brave enough to go that short.

  4. TATER! This post almost crashed my computer! :P (I know, I know - you warned me...)

    I like my stylist. Karen S. goes to her, too, so maybe see if she would recommend her for your type of hair. She's also pretty cheap ($55 for cut, dry, style) and is on Roberston.

  5. i'm totally digging the katie holmes look on you. so cute!

    i puffy heart my stylist (mid-wilshire area), but she isn't back from maternity leave til January. i'm guessing you don't want to hold on that long....

  6. This shit is cracking me up! I have no stylist rec for you. Mainly because I don't live in your area but also because I've had the same hair style for 20 years so I am no help.

  7. i like the katie holmes look too.

    i also dug the katharine mcphee and carrie underwood 'dos. what can i say, i like american idol.


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