the air.
the heat.
the 80+ mph gusts.
the fires.
my throat + nose.

four years ago, my mom and i were getting ready to close on some property only a handful of miles from some of those fires. my realtor, who also happens to be a dear family friend, and i drove towards the red, red sky. we could barely see. it was quite literally hellish. for some reason, i feel so much more deeply for those affected, being affected, and who will be affected by the fires this time around, though.

a little bit of green, a little bit of freshness, a little bit of hope. the kaffir lime leaves my parents-in-law gave us yesterday from their jungle of fruit trees to prevent bugs from infesting our rice. "dry, and put in a bag that you leave unsealed and next to your rice." we seal our rice in a giant airtight container, so i guess this time they were already there. ew. hopefully this works.
happy double leaves:

this entry makes little sense, but then very little does right now. it's ok as i know the smoke has to clear at some point, and it will.


  1. I just took two Benadryl. I wonder if they will work. They expired in 2004. Maybe I should take a third.

  2. angel swanson10/23/2007 5:57 AM

    my throat is killing me, too. i am in a state of semi-shock at all of these terrible fires... it is surreal watching them on TV. on a lighter note, kaffir lime leaves are great for making tom ka gai! ;-)

  3. it really is just awful. i already know several people who have been evacuated and it's really quite scary.

  4. hopefully this will all be over soon!! it's amazing crazy to see some of the images from space. i'll keep all those who have been affected in my thoughts, and good luck with the lime leaves.

  5. Huh, I've never heard of that whole lime leaf phenomenon. Let us know how that works out.

  6. we actually went to tar-jay and spent $50 on a humidifier.


  7. I really hope this ends soon too. My eyes are scratchy and my throat is dry. :-(

  8. it's beem a sad week for all of us. I'm feelimg your paim as well.

  9. The air sucks, but you're right...it will get better.


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