happy birthday...

...to the hubs!
a happy happy one also to my cutest-preggo-ever friend, wan.

too bad i have a deadline tomorrow along with our office move scheduled for friday, the boss leaving for napa first thing tomorrow, and the co-worker leaving for italy on monday. i want another vacation, too! hmph.

well, i've been efficient enough to leave on time, so i'll pick up some b-day goodies (so much for that workout last night) on my way home. it'll be better than me cooking for him, that's for sure. gift #2 will occur this coming weekend, at a super secret location. gift #3 will be me finalizing my chair order, finally, so he doesn't have to endure me wiping my sweaty butt on him (tmi, tmi, yes i know). well, the chair does have a lead time of 4-6 weeks, so #3 should actually be "only 4-6 more weeks of potato wiping her sweaty butt on the bear." although, with this chilly weather rolling in, it might not be a problem anyway, by then.


  1. Happy Bday to your guy! Hope you guys have a fun night!

  2. Happy happy birthday, bear!

  3. happy birthday to the bear!

    i'm giggling at the tmi story :)

  4. the bear has the greatest birfday EVER! :)


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