currently listening to...

  • The Postal Service - "Such Great Heights" [yes, again]
  • Feist - "One Two Three Four" [although the rainbow colors in the video weird me out]
  • Gavin DeGraw - "Follow Through"
  • This other song whose name and artist I can't remember, but it has the cutest Ugli Doll-like characters becoming unstuffed as they move about their lives in the video.

Yup, in a mellow music mood.

Last night was beautiful. Good food, good company, good dessert, and Puzzle Fighter on our new PS3. Photos of the desserts to come.

P.S. I still haven't decided on that dang chair, although I have narrowed it down to about 5 fabric combos. I need to get it ordered already!


  1. So does it bother you at all that Feist is the new poster-child for the Nano fatties?

    Beyond Broken Social Scene, I like her collabs with Kings of Convenience. :)

    Oh, and "Such Great Heights" is my all-time most played song on iTunes!

  2. I was just admiring that Fesit song on the Nano commercial. :)

    And Gavin Degraw is so dreamy...

    You may also like Paolo Nutini. He's very Gavin-like.

  3. i concur with nanette. definitely check out paolo nutini -- so very good.

    jim has been singing that feist song around the house as the new nano commercials are shown at least 3x/hour during football games. and well, let's just say he's been watching a lot of football.

    puzzle fighter is so fun. jealousE.


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