commuter talk

my thoughts as i drove home and listened to am newsradio:

why am i not convinced that the new transportation chief and proposed infrastructure changes will make traffic better sooner rather than later? hopefully the bear and i will have made some lifestyle changes that will dramatically reduce one or both of our commutes way before these supposed changes occur.

clam chowder, a grande cappuccino, and a pear are too many gaseous foods for one meal. ugh.

in response to a traffic report that went something like this:
"checking in on the [worst.fwy.ever], it's just really bad, both north and south. now over to [jeff] in the orange country traffic center."
what??? that's it??? [even my thoughts are speechless.]
[five minutes later] mother effer. i needed to know WHERE between canada and mexico it's really bad, why, and when i'll be out of the thick of it.

it's the weekend! it's the weekend!


  1. I stopped listening to traffic reports on the radio long time ago. I'm ALWAYS stuck in traffic on my favorite freeway. Every single freakin' day.

  2. i don't think i've ever stopped to consider the gassiness of the food combos i've indulged in. THAT must be why....



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