oahu day 4

//day 4 
//chinatown (honolulu), haleiwa/north shore.

finally! photos!

BREAKFAST_royal kitchen for manapua and dim sum (chinatown).
because char hung sut was on vacation. :(

we really wanted to try both, but we ended up at royal kitchen twice. more on this in another post.

SURF/LAY OUT_haleiwa ali'i beach park. different from tuesday's haleiwa (north shore).nice waves that day.
pretty sand.
some palm trees for shade for lazy me.
surfers that are pretty good and fun to watch.

the bear before surfing.

the bear after surfing.
look how wide that wave is!

LUNCH_macky's kahuku sweet shrimp truck (haleiwa, north shore).

macky's sweet shrimp truck
truck in a dirt lot.
next door to a 7-11.
off a traffic circle/rotary/whatever those things are called.

macky's sweet shrimp truck
wild chickens that live in that brush behind the dirt lot.

macky's sweet shrimp truck
bear: spicy shrimp plate
really good. the sauce mixed with the rice is SO good.

macky's sweet shrimp truck
me: garlic butter shrimp plate
so delicious. perfectly cooked, fresh, sweet shrimp.
toasted garlic in its sauce on rice.

i attempted these last week at home.
it was a huge fail.

oh yeah, pineapple slice was good.
could have done without the salad.
but i ate some of mine since we hadn't been eating many veggies that week.
sigh. being a responsible adult is no fun.

DESSERT_matsumoto shave[d] ice (haleiwa, north shore).
matsumoto shave ice
long, stinky line.
i guess everyone spills their melty scoops of ice cream on the sidewalk nearby.
smells like poop, unfortunately.

matsumoto shave ice
shaving the ice.

matsumoto shave ice
we shared a large rainbow (pineapple, lemon, strawberry)
with ice cream at the bottom and a snow cap (condensed milk on top).
the condensed milk is essential.
the ice cream at the bottom is awesome, too.

matsumoto shave ice
neither of us are big hawaiian-style shave ice fans.
we prefer chinese- or korean-style shaved ice.
but as you can tell, i enjoyed this a lot.
as did the bear.
perfect in that climate.

the duke
visited the duke.

DINNER_teddy's bigger burgers. because the bear's other name is "teddy." (waikiki).
potatobro and sis-in-law raved about this place.

their peanut butter chocolate shake is supposed to be good.
bear vetoed.
teddy's bigger burgers
we got strawberry instead.
thick. sweet. creamy.
good shake.

teddy's bigger burgers
me: jalaween burger
substituted tots for fries.

teddy's bigger burgers
bear: bacaburger
substituted cajun fries.

giant burgers even though we ordered the smallest patty size.
pretty good.
i'm still partial to in 'n' out, myself.

NIGHTCAP_mai tais at the beach bar at the westin moana surfrider (waikiki).
hm. potato face does not tan evenly.
notice the bear's umbrella drink.
he's very embarrassed that he is pictured with one here, and i am not.
mine is just out of the frame, stage right.
and in his defense these mai tai's were freakin' strong.
i decided i don't like mai tai's that night.
well, at least, the taste of 'em. ;)


  1. PICTURES!!! You guys are adorable. Bear should not be embarrassed by drink! It's Hawaii! One must imbibe libations with umbrellas and/or fruit!

    I, too, prefer Chinese/Korean shaved ice. I've never been a huge fan of anything with rainbow colors on top, but, if you liked it, there is hope for me.

  2. We also went to Macky's and Matsumoto. Yum. Loved both, especially the garlic shrimp.

  3. Hi,

    I've been looking for blog posts about Oahu to feature on our site. If you're interested, you can drop me a line at Kate (at) Dwellable (.com)



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