domestic bliss...not

while there is no doubt that i am thoroughly enjoying my mini break, my neighborhood is conspiring to annoy the heck out of me.

exhibit a:
a house nearby is undergoing major construction. they start at like 6 AM. they're even there on weekends, sometimes.

i guess i should just be grateful that for now, i have a reprieve from meeting contractors on site at like 7 AM or before 2 PM because they/their guys will be gone by then.

exhibit b:
it seems like they street clean every other day or so. or the trash truck comes.
funny, because the street isn't that clean, and we only have trash cans out once a week.
probably just a huge truck taking our mini, old street that can barely let 2 normal-sized cars squeeze through at the same time. no idea why they don't use the major, wider streets.

exhibit c:

yep, i'm a total voyeur.

this man across the street has been sanding the trim on his house for days. maybe weeks.
the problem is, i think he's sanding with the smallest sander ever.
like a dremel with the smallest attachment possible.
(basically the size of the thing the dentist uses to polish your teeth).
so he is sanding with the world's smallest sander for around 8 -10 hours a day straight.
i'm surprised the sander's motor hasn't given out.
or that he hasn't blacked out the whole neighborhood from excessive electricity usage.
and when i open my windows to get a lovely breeze in, it gets 100 times louder.

in better news, we got grass!

so fresh and so clean.
i'm a freak that feels guilty about how much water lawns use whenever i look at one.
but even i must admit this makes our yard look so much better and more...
and peaceful.
(like that foundation that supports NPR.
wait, maybe they want a more just and verdant world.)


  1. lol at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur shout out!

  2. You should hand your neighbor a toothbrush for the sanding. Less power usage, better for the environment.

    Wow, I'm so mean.

  3. That would but the shit out of me. PotatoEs need their rest.

  4. i can't stop giggling at mr. sandman.

  5. Boo to construction, but the new lawn looks fabby!


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