summer goals

i have exactly one week left until school starts. my schedule this upcoming semester sucks. *whine whine whine* i'll just have to enjoy this last week the best i can.

so about those summer goals i had...

  • find an internship.
    i sent out close to 20 resumes. i got one interview. for an unpaid internship. it did not pan out.
  • teach myself some software so i won't be as frantic trying to learn as i go this coming semester.
    i maybe watched one tutorial. i did not follow along as i watched.
  • use the laser cutter and leftover school materials to make some personal stationery and cards.
    i thought about it a lot, but i didn't even sketch it.
  • plant some herbs in pots for the porch/yard.
    mother bear gave us some potted thai chili plants this weekend. the bear is taking care of them.
  • draw and paint for fun.
  • clean regularly.
    ha. i did clean, but not regularly. and we even hired someone to clean the new place when we moved in. heh.
  • exercise.
    i didn't get my butt in gear until a couple of weeks ago. and i'm now only averaging about 2-3 times a week.
  • read some school-related stuff including headache-inducing but brain-stimulating theory.
    besides skimming blogs, nope.
in-progress/might be accomplished within the next week:
  • organize music library (rip all CDs, edit all ID3 tags and obtain album art, figure out what to load on the ipod nano vs. the iphone).
    tedium ad nauseum. if i had a personal assistant as anal as i am, i would definitely add this to his/her list.
  • organize computer files (between all three), back stuff up onto multiple external hard drives, give the bear a list of folders for auto backup so he can setup my auto backups.
    another task for my imaginary assistant.
  • make progress on never ending freelance project.
    i did make decent progress but not as much as i wanted to.
  • take a photo class.
  • streamline email accounts and clean up saved email.
    we'll see if i can maintain it during the school year, though.
  • get a haircut.
  • read for fun.
    on top of the ones i wrote about earlier this summer, i have since also finished michael pollan's in defense of food and am now reading the omnivore's dilemma.
  • bake a cake.
    baked a few, tyvm.
  • cook most weeknights and eat with the bear.
  • hang out with the bear.
    so much that i think he might be sick of me being home all the time. we both like having alone time and space. but he'll miss me soon enough.
  • sleep.
    this one i did a lot of.
done + in-progress > FAIL. at least if you just count the bullets. yay! i win!


  1. I think the most important goal was accomplished - spending time with the bear! :)

  2. The "done" list is clearly the best and all that matters.

  3. I think you got a lot accomplished. At least comparing to me :) Besides, you got to hang out with your friends a lot, which I think should definitely count as an accomplishment.

  4. Glad you had a relaxing and productive summer :)

  5. You definitely WIN. And you're exercising 2-3 times a week more than I am, so there's that too. lol

  6. I think for someone who works like a dog during the school year, your done list is really impressive. I think I would have just spent the summer in a coma if I had been you. ;)

  7. I'm very proud of you, tater. :)


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